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Full Version: Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
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Anyone out there? I feel a bit "alone" out here!

San Francisco, to be exact....
Man that's harsh. It explains why your so uptight.must have your ass pinched 50 times a day LOL and not by lassies
Umm.. I don't know what you are talking about, nor do I appreciate such rude comments. How am I "uptight" ?
He's not making a joke about you being gay, just that if you live in San Francisco you must be surrounded by gay guys. So he was insulting your region, not you.
San Francisco WAS one of the most Catholic cities in the entire United States - as is still evident by all of the many beautiful old churches which still dot the city.

It is not as 'horrible' a place, even today living here, as many throughout the country think it is because of things they hear.

Gays and earthquakes, yep, that's all SF has to offer, according to people who have never been here.

Ignore DK, he's rash with most people.

Is there a TLM in SF, or do you have to go over to Oakland?
I attend one in SF, although it is independent.

How large is the Parish?

As far as I know, there's ICK in Oakland, ICK in Santa Clara, and SSPX in Los Gatos.  Don't know much about SF.  I'm south bay
Very, very small.
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