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Full Version: Church needs to clean up, says Papal adviser
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Church needs to clean up, says Papal adviser

An adviser to Pope Benedict, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has told an
Italian newspaper that the Church needs to clean up its act over child
abuse, by compensating victims and punishing the perpetrators.

The report comes over a weekend of several news stories regarding various abuse scandals linked to the Church.

"That's enough. We have to seriously clean up the church," Cardinal
Kasper was quoted as saying in Italian daily La Repubblica, according
to an AFP report.

"Sexual abuses of minors by representatives of the clergy are
criminal, shameful acts, they are unacceptable mortal sins," he said.

"I think such a shocking problem... needs a wider analysis for maybe
the whole church and not just one country," the cardinal said.

In a separate report last week, Italian investigations into
corruption involving an official, Angelo Balducci - who also served as
a ceremonial papal usher - revealed his links to an alleged homosexual
prostitution ring, according to reports by Reuters and the BBC.

Balducci, who served among the "Gentlemen of His Holiness", and
Ghinedu Ehiem, a member of the elite Giulia Choir in St Peter's
Basilica, were implicated in conversations about procuring men for sex,
reports say.

Both men have been removed from their Vatican roles, BBC reports.

Another recent scandal involves acknowledgement from a German bishop
on Friday about sexual abuse of members of a boy choir in the southern
German city of Regensburg.

The Pope's brother, 86-year-old Georg Ratzinger, led the Domspatzen
choir between 1964 and 1993. He has not been accused of abuse.
What it needs is to enforce the norms prescribed in Religisiorum Institutio regarding the impossibility of admitting sexual deviants to the religious life. Seminaries need to place greater emphasis on ensuring that their candidates are psychologically mature; restoring prior reception of a college degree as an entry requirement would be one step towards achieving this goal.
Perhaps the most effective remedy is hinted at in the above news article, ie, "punishing of the perpetrators".

Read the gospel of Matthew - Our Lord says that for anyone who would afflict these my little ones (children) or lead them into scandal 'it would be better if they had a millstone tied around their necks and that they were "Drowned in the depth of the sea"' Matthew 18:6.

God's wrath is especially upon Homosexuals and Paedophiles. 

Rome would be giving honour to the Divine Justice if it dealt with them swiftly by

i) setting up an inquisitorial bureau which would pro-actively investigate and expose the networks of perverts that still infest the body of Christ.

ii) Modify Canon Law so that all new entrants to seminaries would be aware of the following strict disciplinary measures that would be initiated against a suspect if any perverted activity was disclosed by the bureau.  Those already having taken Holy Orders prior to the new law would also be obligated to sign a declaration of submission to the new disciplinary canon.

iii) Strip any perpetrators of all connection with the Church, exclude them from the Sacraments (except Confession), until and unless the individual makes a Penitential public confession of their crime on the national Televised media.

iii) The uncovered pervert must also be branded or made to carry some other indelible mark.  Perhaps the scriptural reference from the Gospel of Matthew above could be used for the mark, or another Biblical marker - such as Genesis 13:13, 2 Peter 2:6, 1Corinthians 5:9, 1 Timothy 1:10, or Romans 1:26 which exort us to avoid contact with perverts and/or warn us of the dread consequences that God has prepared for Sodomites. The mark could be humanely and hygienically applied under anaesthetic at a suitable private clinic.

There are other more corporal penances that have a Biblical sanction by Our Lord Himself but which, given the Liberal debasement of the courts system in much of the West, it is unlikely that Rome would be allowed to make use of.  However the above list does give some pointers and I believe that these measures would be sufficient to deter many, if not most, of the cowardly Pederasts from continuing to practice their filth in the Church.