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Full Version: sorry for any offence
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Don't worry, be happy!

(03-29-2010, 11:26 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, that's me.  A big ol' Judaizer.  WhollyRoaminJudaizer.  Jew jew jew!

I assume you are a convert from Judaism. If so that might explain why you see nothing wrong with it, and why you think I'm out of line in bringing it up. It's an odd title to use, and if you were to Google it you would find virtually no Catholic sources using it in the way you have used it. The exceptions seem to be Rosalind Moss (who pushes that "Jewish roots of Catholicism" malarkey) and the weird group Catholics for Israel.

Keep this bullshit in the right subforum, not on someone's farewell thread.

Trevor:  God bless you, and I hope you find the Church in the near future.  Keep praying!
Sorry Quis and trevor. I should have let it go. But I don't think it's bs.
Just for the record, WhollyRoamin is a cradle Catholic.
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