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Full Version: Slaughter of the innocents
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Surely the Lord's judgement is coming soon.
What? WHAT? That is just plain sick.  :puke:
This is a sick twisted joke.  No way this is real.
The Media is in the hand of the Enenmy, so you always shall be vigilant, you never know weather their news are real or deception.

However as the hosexuality became value from crime is less that 50 years, so will be happen with the pedofilia.

The concentrated attack against the pedophile priest sooner or later will bring its fruit: attack against the pedophile owners of the media and other rulers of this world.  The only defense is to decriminalize the what they denounced in the Church.

Every dying society is homosexual and pedophile. So were the Greeks, so the Romans, so was Europe in the XVII Century, when the land based power was dieing out. 
Cardinal Quellet made this point as well when he first came to Quebec: he said that if homosexual marriage is legitimized, it will be on the basis of pleasure perceived by individuals, and such a law will exonerate those who have sex with animals, children, comatose people, anything that moves. He was not well-loved after this statement.