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Full Version: Rumors of a Holy Week 2010 Papal Surprise
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All I can say is that I hope that your feelings are correct.  The Catholic Church is in shambles due to the Modernist heresy.  Your words about "8o%" of so-called "Catholics" being infuriated by such a thing is very conservative indeed, but still I recall the Arian Crisis, when at one time it was believed that 80% of the Church was infected with Arianism in some form or fashion - even Pope Liberius (parallel to Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, who adhered to Modernism).  Today, I feel that more than 80% have been infected with the Modernist new religion at some level, and have been so thoroughly washed of true Catholicism that they now deny at least one doctrine of the Faith.  But I also believe that when it finally comes time to pick a side, those who still have a bit of their Catholic Sense left will finally see their errors and come home to Tradition.  That is what I hope for, anyway.

I truly hope our "time in the desert" is coming to a close.  Since the establishment of a new religion within the confines of the official structure of the Church (neo-Catholicism), a new religion that has its own set of rules (Vatican II) and its own worship service (the Novus Ordo Mass), the true Catholics who have remained have been berated and persecuted for upholding the beliefs and practices of the pre-conciliar Church, which is indeed the Church of all-time, the Church that still exists today and will continue to exist forever.  We have had popes, although still very much the successors of St. Peter, who, on a personal level (just as Pope Liberius during the Arian Crisis), upheld this new religion in almost every word, but we knew that when it came to the true power of their office they could NOT utter one fallacy about our Faith.  We now finally have a pope who, although with some faint Modernist tendencies that is the mere side-effect of the era, has done so very much to uphold Tradition.  May God Bless our current pope, Benedict XVI, and may he continue to see the light of truth and have the courage to do what is totally necessary, although it may be a bumpy road for him and all of us who still uphold the true religion.  I say let this be done.  Let the weeds be separated from the wheat, the goats from the sheep, and let the Holy Temple be purified - so each and every person in the world, without any manner of confusion or ambiguity, will know for sure exactly what the Holy Catholic Church is, and what it means to be a part of her, so they may finally have the objective chance of joining her.
I am optimistic that this could be "trad related" because of recent comments by the Holy Father himself.

"The pontiff said faith in God helps lead one "toward the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion.""

Perhaps a stiffening of resolve to just go ahead regardless of what the media / liberals say? There were rumors when the SSPX excommunications were first lifted that a canonical structure was quickly approaching until the Bishop Williamson incident. Maybe, he has decided that you its time to just push forward because you will never win the left over.
The most remarkable thing is that men are engaged in gossip. Such was extreme rarity in the traditional times
This came to me as I was reading the other thread about Fatima's third secret. What if HH Pope Benedict XVI announces he will give jurisdiction to the SSPX circumventing  the talks (through private discussions he had with Bishop Fellay) as Il Papa did with the Anglicans.
When you hope hope BIG. :w2go:
Speculation and gossip are two different things.
I don't think the Holy Father would want to distract us from Holy Week itself.  I personally think any major announcement during HOly week is unlikely for that reason.

Now, that being said, you can only hope.  One never does know.  I will wait & see but not hold my breath!
(03-29-2010, 09:17 AM)timoose Wrote: [ -> ]This came to me as I was reading the other thread about Fatima's third secret. What if HH Pope Benedict XVI announces he will give jurisdiction to the SSPX circumventing  the talks (through private discussions he had with Bishop Fellay) as Il Papa did with the Anglicans.
When you hope hope BIG. :w2go:

That would be very nice indeed - but unlikely at this point in time.  The SSPX, who I admire greatly and attend their Masses, fervently denounce the Novus Ordo Mass, telling those who frequent their Masses to avoid it due to its sacrilege and attend the TLM exclusively, at all costs.  This sentiment doesn't sit well with most in the hierarchy at this time, probably even our Pope - but perhaps Pope Benedict is starting to see the light of truth.  Perhaps he is starting to gain even more courage in the conviction to uphold Tradition.  Perhaps he is now willing to do what is necessary.  A move like this would surely begin the road to full restoration - although it will cause the true Catholics who remain within the official confines of the Church to be persecuted even harder.  Something like this would finally cause what desperately needs to happen in the modern Catholic Church, and would etch the name of Benedict XVI as one of the greatest popes in history.  May God Bless our Holy Father.
Someone had posted on another blog about a possible Bishops synod in the wake of these scandals currently battering the Church. Could this happen in Fatima, and be a prelude to the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? ....  This would be welcomed by most Catholics....

Full faculties w/the SSPX AND elimination of Holy Communion in the hand would send a strong message, as well. This, of course, would not be welcomed by most Catholics, nor would a Papal Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Full faculties to the SSPX (I am FSSP) would be a wonderful, long-overdue justice. Eliminating Holy Communion in the Hand (and Eucharistic Ministers) would tell the world the direction this Papacy intends to go.

"Firing" many bishops and Cardinals involved in the current abuse scandals... would also send a strong, positive message... Most of the secular world would think this a strong message. Many Catholics would, too. Many progressive/modernist "Catholics" would not, and cry "foul".

Or... perhaps nothing happens this week. ?
I don't know, Walty but I think it's safe to sat we could all use some happy news after the latest round of horrible sex scandals.  :pray2:

Maybe he'll consecrate Russia.  :shrug:
(03-29-2010, 12:42 PM)Jacafamala Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know, Walty but we could sure use some happy news after the latest round of sex scandals. Maybe he'll consecrate Russia.  :shrug:

Agreed. Throw in the RE Congress and its been quite a bummer of a week.

Eliminating CITH on Holy Thursday would be fitting I think.
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