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Full Version: Holy Saturday fasting?
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I know there are no formal rules for fasting on Holy Saturday, other than the canonical one-hour fast before receiving Holy Communion at Easter Vigil of course, but what were the precepts observed in past days? 
read the how toos of the church on the main fisheaters page, on embertide days, fasting on wed fri, sat

it is no longer maditory though, but if you are going to call yourself a latinest catholic and go to church under the old laws then you might as well keep them,

I do, I dont like going hungry but I do, in keeping with old tradition with the pre vatican 2 rite, I live by its laws to the best that I can in rememberance of God and penance even if I am not very good at it.

signed Jeremy L the churchesoffortwayne history keeper.
Most recent to V2, you were supposed to fast until the Vigil Mass which used to be at noon then was moved to the nighttime.  The history of the Holy Saturday fast shows it went through many, many changes.  Check out the CE article on it.
I see it:
"Because of this great silence, today there will be no Mass (until the Vigil Mass tonight, which technically is Easter); instead, there is a solemn service. Today is traditionally a day of abstinence in addition to being a day of fasting, until the Vigil Mass, when the Lenten Fast ends. Though this fasting requirement was abolished in the new Code of Canon Law, traditional Catholics follow the traditional practice."
Well it was moderatly difficult to do but made it, that is had about a third less bowl of cereal, then for lunch two granola bars at around 130 then ate myself full of fish at the k of c where I had to volenteer tonight, I did have a little tea thoughougt the day but nothing to eat beside the three things mentioned, and lots of water, left me hungry but not like doubling over in pain.

I hope that counts for the fast and abstaning from meat.

signed Jeremy L a history keeper of The Churches of Fort Wayne.
As someone else mentioned Jerry, we should be fasting at least three hours before Communion.  A one hour fast really isn't much when you think about it.  My Mass is at 1:00pm so fasting from midnight isn't wise.
of course that would be a stretch for most men to go 13 hours lord is practical though and understands our needs.