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Full Version: Triduum Questions
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(04-06-2010, 01:00 AM)Aloysius Wrote: [ -> ]i was always my impression that it was to be a crucifix unless a relic of the true cross was present.  fr. z seems to concur:

I don't know if it is mandated, but the Liber Usualis does seem to presuppose the use of a crucifix.  The instructions for the unveiling of the cross mention the unveiling of the entire corpus, and if memory serves (and I'll check up on this) it also mentions the congregation filing past and kissing the feet of the crucified Christ.  It perhaps doesn't add up to an obligation to use a crucifix, but it would seem to me to suggest that it is at least presumed that one will be used rather then a plain cross.

(04-06-2010, 12:58 AM)moneil Wrote: [ -> ]In every parish I can think of or remember since VII, a large, plain, wooden cross has always been used.

It's been a couple years since I've been to my NO spaceship parish's Good Friday liturgy, but as of a few years ago, they were using fairly large crucifixes.
The 1962 missal specifies a crucifix: "Orationibus solemnibus completis... datur initium solemni adorationi sanctae Crucis. Adhibeatur Crux satis magna, cum Crucifixo, velo violaceo obtecto, quod facile removeri possit." ("The solemn prayers having been completed... the beginning of the solemn adoration of the holy Cross is given. A Cross large enough is used, with the Crucified, covered with a violet veil, which is able to be easily removed.") The rubrics later specify that the celebrant and other ministers kiss "pedes Crucifixi" ("the feet of the Crucified").
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