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Full Version: Holy Week is over...
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and no Papal surprise. This has got me down.
Mahony being replaced with a conservative is a suprise. Maybe not the big announcement hoped for, but a suprise.
Has 50 years of disppointment taught you nothing?

Expect nothing to change for the good from this bunch of apostates and heretics.  After all they are the same bunch of people who changed it for the bad.  This Pope won't do a thing until his back is held to the fire.

Wait for God to sort it out.  That is our best hope now.  Sit by, pray and wait for something to happen and meanwhile just get on with your life and try to forget about it as much as possible.  I know that is difficult to do, but that is the best way to remain happy.  When it happens it will happen as quickly as the Berlin Wall falling, all the Prophecies seem to suggest a period of utter turmoil which is short and nasty.

God can do anything he wants, so normal human politics and barriers to y(our) thinking are meaningless.