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Full Version: Father Joseph Johnson, Inner City Parish in Transition
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Father Joseph Williams is a young priest with a difficult assignment.  He is in search of a High Altar and is trying to rebuild a parish that has long been the haunt of unfortunate spirits.  The collection plate is down 90% and he has plans to restore the Church to suit the liturgical sensibillities of his largely Latino flock.  Can anyone help?
If someone has a high altar, or knows where one can be gotten, it would be great, and it would be nice if an altar rail were found as well, although he hasn't made the request for that yet, I'm sure it's necessary for a TLM which he may be convonced to do in the future.
There have been a lot of church closings recently around Boston...many of the closed ones are older, maybe he could look into getting an altar from one of them?  Or if a parishoner had such skills they could design one?

I wish I lived in Minneapolis now....