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Full Version: letter of support for Pope Benedict XVI
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Sign the letter of support for the pope Benedict XVI !

The call from Catholic faithful

This letter brings together the Catholic faithful of all different types who wish to support the Pope in the face of the media campaign against him. Those who run this site assure you of complete confidentiality. The list of signatures will be given only to the Holy See.

Most Holy Father,

One year ago, whilst you were working for the unity of Catholics by lifting the sanctions from the Bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X, you were the target all those who wanted to put a stop to the radiance of the Church in the world. Not happy with discrediting her image through your person, the same media that promote immorality every day, are now launching new campaigns to compromise you by confusion and calumny, trying to throw mud at you from the past and the reputation of your family.

Refusing to attack the sources of the crimes they denounce: impurity, lack of modesty and the unbridled freedom of internet publishing they defend at the same time, they paradoxically target the exceptions found among priests, those who make up the most preserved body, because they are the closest to Christ, those who show, through their commitment, that we are all called to chastity through our different states of life.

Convinced as we are that they act only for the purpose of attacking the Gospel message and the Tradition of the Church, and to put on foreign pressure to discredit priestly celibacy, we come to assure you of our prayers for your ministry. May they help you to assume the mission God has entrusted in you, to "insist in and out of season" on what this world no longer wants to hear. May Mary, our Heavenly Mother, protect your Pontificate!

To undersign this letter, go to:
p.s. : 
The initiative of this letter was made by M. François-Xavier Peron

and the organisation consists of:
Mgr Marc AILLET, évêque de Bayonne, Lescar et Oloron
M. Pierre-Olivier ARDUIN, directeur de la commission bioéthique du diocèse de Fréjus-Toulon
M. et Mme Loïc BERTRAND, présidents des Foyers amis de Notre-Dame
Père Bernard DOMINI, modérateur de la Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame
Mère Magdeleine DOMINI, modératrice de la Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame
Pr Jean-Paul DURAND op, professeur à la Faculté de Droit canonique de l’Institut catholique de Paris, Doyen honoraire, ancien directeur de la Revue d’éthique et de théologie morale “Le Supplément” (RETM) aux éditions du Cerf à Paris, co-directeur des études du programme européenne Erasmus-Socrates-Gratianus en lien avec la Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet de l’Université Paris Sud-XI, fondateur d’Aidop (Agence internationale Diplomatie et Opinion publique)
Mgr André FORT, évêque d’Orléans
Abbé Hubert LELIÈVRE, président de la famille missionnaire l’Évangile de la vie
M. John PEPINO, Docteur de grec et latin, professeur de patristique et de langues anciennes au Séminaire Notre-Dame de Guadeloupe (FSSP) aux états-Unis
I signed it.
(04-06-2010, 08:34 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: [ -> ]I signed it.

me too
Count me in. I signed it also.
Hey, we need more signatures, more support for Our Holy Father.  Christ expects nothing less from us.
Done.  Thanks for posting this!
Signed :)
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