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Full Version: Catholic School Teacher on Big Brother
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Big Brother is still on?

Good for him; looks like he had a positive influence.
I remember Dan. On the first episode he talked about how being Catholic meant he could lie as much as he wanted in the house because he could just go to confession afterwards. He got a lot of crap in the house for telling lies while wearing a crucifix. One of his nicknames was "Judas".

He was pretty funny, though.
I notice in the video that he and the announcer both make a big deal of getting a half-million dollars so he could continue the vocation of a low-income teacher.... *LOL*.....  nothing wrong with that but it is kind of funny...

I didn't watch the show so I didn't catch the lying thing.  Frankly, you can't even go on a show like that without violating Catholic faith in the first place.  I don't hold it against him that he did  because he was unconscious of that since he is a product of his culture, but it says a lot about this culture and how it has affected Catholic perceptions.
He's cute but my attention span ended as soon as he