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Full Version: What Neocatholics don't want you to know: Archbishop Gomez' Appointment
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Back on Monday this week, New Advent reported that they had an "exclusive" report of Archbishop Gomez' appointment ot LA. That was false. We'd reported it on Sunday Morning, and a lot of people saw it in happy hours of the Easter Feast. It was a festive occasion.

Well, it's been a few days since we found out that the next Archbishop of Los Angeles was going to be Msgr Gomez, and it's been a few days since we made the announcement here in confirmation of American Papist's forewarning that an appointment would be named "some time at the end of February". It's alright that a few other groups made the claim to an "exclusive" coverage and didn't mention us -- but it would be nice if some of the Seminary faculty resign as they promised they would do if a "conservative" were assigned to LA. At any rate, those guys who claim they got the scoop are neocatholics anyway. They didn't even make mention of a report that Archbishop Gomez doesn't use Eucharistic Monsters. In our announcement, we made some mention of Cardinal Mahony's controversial attacks on Tradition and compared and contrasted that with the much milder and "Traditionalist friendly" incoming Archbishop Gomez. We also made mention of the fact that Cardinal Gomez doesn't complain about the vocations shortage, he does something about it, like get the women out of the sanctuary and get men into the Seminary. We later learned that he has more than 100 Seminarians according to Harlequin King who sings in the Cathedral Schola.