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Full Version: Wild speculation on the 3rd Secret 'secrecy' please
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So, question for your consideration with a condition: Assuming that BXVI is a good man, benefit of the doubt, holy Pope, etc etc.

The question: Why is the 3rd secret still being concealed from the world??

Again, assume the Pope is not an apostate or something I don't want to get into all that.

I'm saying, what sort of 'retaliation' or sword of Damocles does the 'they' have over the Church, I'm curious as to what reasons might be at work here.

I cannot think of anything.

--Example, I wondered if all the homo 'plants' in the Church would be 'activated' (like Order 66 in Star Wars) and totally damage the Church, but it would seem that damage is more than done in public opinion and the souls of those who have left the Faith due to their abuse (and hearing about others, my wife has a coworker who has done this because of all the 'constant scandals'), so I cannot imagine what the purpose would be in not releasing the Secret.

--I thought possibly the consecration wasn't done for fear of retaliation by Russia on the underground churches or clergy behind the iron curtain, but the Soviet Union is gone, or that the KGB would assassinate the Pope if the consecration was done, but it's apparent that the mentally defective Mehmet Ali Agca was put up to it by Bulgarian intelligence who themselves were put up to it by the KGB, then a satellite state, but again, the USSR is no more.

I cannot come up with any viable reasons.  ???

Your thoughts?
I don't know much about the Third Secret, but....

Assuming B16 is a holy/good man... 
Maybe he has not yet come around to wanting to go back on what he said in 2000.  Maybe the public pressure, at this time in the game, is not worth having to deal with.  He has (imo) much larger fish to fry, and he's working (?) on getting the SSPX all nice and happy.  This would be, imo, a distraction not worth having, regardless of how strong he is (and having a "liar" as Pope wouldn't be so great in the current state of things, either, y'know?).

I think B16 is a good and holy man, and is doing his best.  If I did what I wanted to do, I'd be praying for him every day.  But I'm bad at that, so I pray for him when I remember. 
(04-10-2010, 03:43 AM)GeorgeT Wrote:It may or may not be the case, but he might believe it has been revealed. Remember, he wrote part of the interpretation of the part of the third secret that was released (which was proported to be the full third secret). I don't think he believes this, but stranger things have happened.

I also assume he's no dummy, I suspect he knows what the 3rd Secret is, in fact, he's contradicted himself at least once on this count-- so I have to think there's a reason to 'hide' it (I suspect extensive use of mental reservation, truth be told-- the statements I've heard are always quite oddly phrased and uncharacteristically 'loose' in style, I've always noticed Ottaviani and Bertone spoke with a certain detailed precision, like a lawyer, but their statements on Fatima are always full of ellipses and imprecise, they're always trailing off in the middle of a thought (which I suspect is to avoid completing a sentence). So I suspect mental reservation whether it's Bertone, Ottaviani, even then-Ratzinger when he was heading the CDF)

My opinion and that is all that it is. The Pope is flat out lying about this third secret. Our Lady of Akita warned of a time of huge apostacy when cardinal would be against cardinal bishop against bishop and that the Priests who honored her would be maligned by their fellow Priests. When hearing of this then Cardinal Ratzinger said it was the same message as Fatima. So I put 2 and 2 together and get that the third secret warns of apostacy in the Church perhaps even an evil council and Popes that arent very Popish perhaps even a new Mass and new religion being pushed on the people. The Pope cant go back now and say what the secret truly is there have been 40 years of lies and the new Novus Ordo religion firmly in place. If the Pope said that in the secret Our Lady spoke out against all of the VII garbage he and his fellow New World Order One world religionists would look like asses.
(04-10-2010, 04:09 AM)Iuvenalis Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-10-2010, 03:43 AM)GeorgeT Wrote:It may or may not be the case, but he might believe it has been revealed. Remember, he wrote part of the interpretation of the part of the third secret that was released (which was proported to be the full third secret). I don't think he believes this, but stranger things have happened.

I also assume he's no dummy, I suspect he knows what the 3rd Secret is, in fact, he's contradicted himself at least once on this count-- so I have to think there's a reason to 'hide' it

Yes there is a reason it condemns the Vatican II religion.

FWIW, i read the other day that popes have been reluctant to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart for fear of offending the Orthodox. 

i don't know if that's the real reason but it makes sense.  i think i read this at Fr. Gruner's Fatima site, possibly in a letter that Gruner wrote.

i don't think that holding off on the consecration will help bring the Orthodox back to Rome.  doing the consecration might do the trick, imo.  but Rome may think otherwise and they have more contact with the Orthodox leadership than i do so they may have good reason to think so.
I think it is like this. Our Holy Father really thought that the Vatican II was the answer. What he has experienced is just the opposite. He isn't stupid and we are seeing him walking back those suppositions.I think he and plenty others had serious doubts about the third secret, and Sr. Lucy. Remember he and all of the Bishops and Cardinals are extremely highly educated and live in a cerebral world, and Sr. Lucy was a peasant, without much education. What they forgot is God reveals it to His little ones and confounds the wise. He has a plan and the Holy Ghost is exposing the mistakes to Pope Benedict XVI, and as the Holy Ghost does that, Pope Benedict XVI walks it back a little more.

In my mind's eye the Vatican is penetrated with modernists, commie sleepers, and freemasons.
He is among the wolves, and he knows it, and he has said so several times. How high up the infiltrators are in the Curia is anyone's guess. The Italian Catholic Paper SiSi NoNo in the mid-sixties revealed perhaps a dozen freemasons in the Vatican.  Robert Calvi's hit revealed another 130 or so. Bella Dodd said in the 50's the commies had placed 1000 sleepers in the seminaries in America. Some of the Polish priests that came in with Pope John Paul II have been shown to be commies, along with more than a few in the Polish Church.

What I am pointing out is the many adversaries in the Vatican, and that they in concert have a way of preventing the Consecration. What is hopeful is the Rosary Crusade, and the talks with the SSPX, and the secret commission on Fatima. Fr. Gruner has another 12 million rosaries and is going to Rome to see if they will allow him to speak to the secret commission. The moment is coming and it might be when Pope Benedict XVI goes to Fatima. 

Like most of us I speculate and come up with ideas about what is in the third secret, and I am a full fledged mel gibson tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. But we don't need a conspiracy when stupidity works equally well. What we have seen is reason  which is limited trumping Faith.
The reason they don't want to release the full Third Secret is because it implicates Vatican II in the autodestruction in the Church.
Whether it is explicit or only a natural inference, it is pretty clear that this is the basic meaning.

They will only release the full secret when they have gotten to the point of acknowledging that VII was a disaster and can't be salvaged.
My first post...

In one of her early interviews that was granted by the Vatican, didn't Sr. Lucia say that there would be a "diabolical disorientation" within the church?  That pretty much sums up all that we're seeing and have seen lo these many decades.  Our Lady requested that the secret be revealed to the world in 1960 "because it would be clearer then."  That is fact.  No one doubts that. 

Timoose:  Where did you hear of this "secret commission" on Fatima?  Can you back that up?

The Holy Father will be at Fatima on May 13, 2010.  I am looking forward to that visit.  What he does at that time is known but to God.  My feeling is that the consecration to Russia--not the world--but to Russia as requested by heaven will NOT be made.  But, perhaps, he will make the proclamation of the 5th Marian Dogma.  Benedict XVI is very much alone.  Now, Fr. Kramer (and this is speculation) has said that Ratzinger had two regrets upon ascending the Chair of Peter.  1)  The excommunication of the SSPX in 1988 and 2) what happened on 6/26/2000--the revelation of the Third Secret.  To the former he said "I made a mistake."  To the latter he said "My hand was forced."  There are many who oppose the message and the top man is the very man that came to the defense of the Holy Father during Easter Sunday Mass--Angelo Cardinal Sodano.  According to one of the few faithful Jesuits that I know, Sodano is "a complete slimeball."
I wouldn't be surprised if the 3rd Secret alludes to the homosexual scandals in the priesthood. Sister Lucy was so sickened by the Secret that she didn't want to write it down. Her bishop finally had to give her an order to do so, and then Our Lady appeared to her and told her to do as her bishop commands. So, it's something so revolting that a pious soul like Lucy couldn't even bring herself to write it. I think that the Secret is about the collapse of the Church, and the moral filth that has infiltrated the priesthood.
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