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Full Version: Phenomenology As a Neutral Data-Handling Method
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"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Today we deal with infoglut and the necessity to handle and organize huge amounts of data, some of it questionable.

Computers use parallel processing; Public Policy utilize Consensus Methods for Setting Meeting Agendas, and in Philosophy, Ihde and Hussrl devised Phenomenology.

On line, an effective data-handling and prioritizing method is called Interactive Management, which was devised by the Virginia Engineer-Philosopher John. N. Warfield, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia.

Information overload occurs in Religion also due to the fact that Theologians speak only in prose; and prose is hard to handle, much harder to organize than, say, mathematics.

In Phenomenology, Reality is organized from Causes [what is Holy] toward Effects [what are Sacred], with what is "Real" falling somewhere in the middle. 
This organization of data increases the likelihood of coherence between point A and point C.

This method also differentiates between the Effects of Feelings [fear, hate, love, etc., ] Ideas, Ideals and Effects of actual Behavior, all of which is useful in making moral judgments and plans for future time.

In all my fifty years of Biblical exegesis, I have never seen Biblical scholars organize their data, to be able to "see it better." 

One small task I undertook some years ago was taking the 613 Jewish "Mitzvot" and going to work on them, so I would have a copy of the Commandments of God that MADE SENSE TO ME, of all people.  Imagine that. 

So, here's my copy of the Holy Laws of God, so that we all might have a better grasp of what God said and felt SIN CONSISTED OF, when the Law was put down, some 4000 years ago. 

To me, the surprise was that Holy Laws are quite sensible and reasonable and doable.
so you are  a relativist?

Not at all.

The method of phenomenology can be utilized to establish witness testimony as having effects on an outcome.

Which is to say, there is Truth and there is false testimony.

I believe that Truth can be known.

Ok I mis read yu when u wrote made sense to me in all caps.
Anyway phenomenology is just a fancy word for bad pychology.
Its Rubbish. Oh yeah
Hi Emily,

I checked out your website, Holy Conservancy.  I assume that it is mainly your content on there, but maybe not.  I see you are listed as the other of 3 books.

If you don't mind my asking, what brings you to a Traditional Catholic forum?  It seems that most of the ideas on the website would fall into the New Age/Metaphysical category, and most people following that spiritual path have little interest in Catholicism, much less so in Traditional Catholicism.  Christianity, yes, but Christianity through the filter of Metaphysics (like The Essene Gospel of Peace, or books by Matthew Fox).

I know this because I run around in hippie circles and though many of my friends are loving, supportive, they are bit baffled at my traditional Catholic beliefs.  One of my best friends, for example, practices Kadampa Buddhism, is heavily involved in the Native American Church (peyote and ahuasca), and believes firmly in the science of mind (Ernest Holms, Religous Science).  I only got her to go to Mass with me once (a NO midnight Mass).  She loves me dearly but has a hard time understanding where I'm coming from.

Anyways, I'm sincerely curious.  I am in no way saying you shouldn't be here or anything like that.  I'm just curious since your interest in this forum is a bit of an anomoly.


Pax vobiscum,

Showing up at the Anglican Church has become an irrelevant dramatic act.

They're not walking the walk anymore insofar as I can discern; it's all going through motions.

So I'm looking for a new spiritual house among people who mean business when it comes to knowing God.

Is this plain enough?

yep your in the right place lass. have u been to a TLM before?


yeah thats right
Traditional Latin mass. aka mass of all time aka the tridentine aka REAL DEAL
yeah thats right

Since I'm an Anglican, I'm used to the Mass in English.

If it were spoken in Latin, it would put me to sleep.

I don't understand Latin.

: )
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