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Full Version: The Washington Post's Puff Piece for ACLU Shill
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The Washington Post will tell you that Jeffrey says he likes to meditate and practice Zen Buddhism. It's a soft touch to lighten up his image as a predator and attempt to ward off claims that he's a scourge of religion. Actually, many of the men who've conveniently created this liability for him to exploit are also closeted Buddhists and other kinds of closeted and not so closeted things. We're sure that he sees more eye-to-eye with one of his supposed opponents, Abbot Klassen in terms of overall philosophy and politics than either of those men do with the Catholic Church. In many respects, they share a strange and suspicious taboo relationship where one benefits the other. Men like the Abbot provide the field and plant the seeds, while Anderson comes in and harvests what he can. Neither of these men are Catholic, after all, but it's easy to ignore this salient fact when you're trying to whip up the masses to a frenzy of irrational hatred.