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Full Version: Euthania is happening: prayers needed please
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I need to ask your prayers for a woman named Gloria. I do not know the whole story but a lady from the parish is trying desperately to save her life. She had a stroke or something and cannot speak but does communicate.  Her care has been given to the legal system and an appointed person has power of attorney.  It has been determined by this person and , I guess, the hospital committee that water and nutrition are to now be witheld.  That began on Friday so that any legal action would have to wait for the following week.  They also allow no visitors because they 'upset' her.  This friend from the parish has a daughter that managed to get past the 'guards' and saw her. The reason she is to have no visitors is because she is being starved to death. Just like Teri Shaivo.

My guess is that there are many such cases now.  Especially for people with little family or family that does not wish them to live, these things are going on. and I suspect there will be an increasing amount of these cases as money is the bottom line. People on the mercy of the courts or welfare systems are not cost effective to them.

The dying woman is Gloria.  Please pray for her and for those striving to save her life and for those others in her situation.

Ave Maria!

The most important thing is that she has had or will have the Last Rites.  I'm sorry to hear that this is so wide-spread and suspect that it will become quite common as the years roll on. 

Magdalene, I will pray for Gloria. 
This is why Martha Coakley, in Massachusetts during the election for Ted Kennedy's seat (now held by republicans) said that "catholics need to stay out of the ER" and how she lost her votes, because it was clear that she was expanding this even beyond the abortion issue.  I can't find that interview now, it was a quick question in a small-station setting. I think it was removed, the Coakley video.  The one I have placed here is the closest we still have, in which the comment is mentioned by a caller.  I think everyone who knows how to download important videos should do so as soon as they see these kind of things because the truth gets "yanked" very quickly.

The genocidal democrats know we can watch over our loved ones and give them water, and in the rape case mentioned in the video a Catholic might not even be counseling against abortion but might be giving the woman time to think about the whole situation (what if it turns out she is pregnant with her boyfriend or husband's child and not the child of the rapist, for example? A test can be done before the decision is made. But the original comment Coakley made was on all life-support issues, not limited to infants or pregnancy.

It is ok to honor a person's request for not eating and drinking, but never to withhold. And the devastating effect of being separated from your religious community, even if you were just a casual half-lapsed Catholic!!!!

Pray, and if you can pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, do so with full awareness of why Catholics need to be doing this the right way.  "Devout" often means the same thing as "traditional", the way people use the word, you know. There is a reason why we have to be spiritually alert at all times.

Oh dear.... :pray2: