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Full Version: Legionary priest apologizes for defending Fr. Maciel
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  Fr. Owen Kearns the publisher of the National Catholic Register issued an apology for his defense of Fr. Marcel Maciel. I think apologizing in so specific  a manner is a good step. We'll see if this has any effect on the rest of the Legion.
I, too, think this is a good step.  Even good people are misled.  It shows he has the right idea by accepting the truth and that he can put aside the pride and admit he was hoodwinked.

It's a shame to be fooled, but it's not a sin.  The sin is committed by  the person who does the fooling for his own nefarious ends. So, kudos to Fr. Kearns.  +Williamson also admitted he was fooled by some pervert at least for a while, so Fr. Kearns is in good company for people who make honest mistakes.

Now, they should clean up the Legion and convert it to a traditional society!  (Sorry, I gotta rep for "my team" - I get it from the Jesuits).
"Convert it to a traditional society" from your lips to God's ears, Quis ut Deus.
It must be rough.  Sort of akin to a convert to Christ from before the Passion.  Some were brought to Our Lord by Andrew, some by James and the other 70.  Imagine if Judas had been the one telling you about Jesus and convincing you of his truth.  Then, later on you hear about the Passion, Death and Resurrection.  And then you find out Judas was the betrayer. 
It would take a special grace for you not to come close to despair and personal doubt.