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(05-28-2011, 02:06 AM)James02 Wrote: [ -> ]Dude, are these man-eating jurasic rabbits with the 4" claws?  Looks like you could drive a train over that timber.  Serious construction on your part.

Well, I have this pile of wood to work with, which is mostly comprised of 2x6s.  One thing that makes this project so tedious is the fact that I often must pull out rusty nails before I can use the wood.  But at least the bulk of the wood is free.  So far, most of the cost has been in screws and those L-shaped brackets I gotta use.
LarmieHirsch between that and the chickens you could sell tickets and parents could bring their children over to your Larmie's Petting & Feeding Farm. Get a goat anna guinea pig or two. Get a truck and do the rounds to the local nursery schools. You could make some money here.

Until the rabbit rips through a 2x6 and bites off the head of a toddler.  Then he'll get sued.
(04-27-2010, 02:00 AM)calicatholic Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have pics of your raised bed gardens and your small vineyard?  I'd love to see them!  And what fruit trees do you have?

Calicatholic, I know this is a bit late, but I'll get a photo of the backyard set up in the next week! 

(I'm so late on this one.)
(04-27-2010, 03:20 AM)LausTibiChriste Wrote: [ -> ]To kill it, do as the Royal Marines are taught.

Hold it by its hind legs, hold it over your knee and stroke it, to calm it down. Then hang him upside down by the hind legs and karate chop him hard in the back of the neck, breaking it and causing death.

Continue as the Marines do by sucking out the eyeballs with your mouth for a good source of h2o, if necessary.  :)

F-14 is having flashbacks reading this... as am I.  I volunteered to eat one of the eyeballs...  just like uncooked calamari.  :-)  "Get in the positsch!!!!!!"  hehe
More progress on the rabbit hutch.

First, I'll include this photo of the backyard, as promised to Calicatholic.

Then, the rest of the hutch pictures, including the pile of wood I'm scaveging from, and even the schematics of this thing.

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune7.jpg]

Here's the pile of wood:

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune.jpg]

Here is the schematics:

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune2.jpg]

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune3.jpg]

And here's how the progress has been for the last 2 weeks.  It's very slow going for me.

The back.  You can see the tops of what will be the rabbit boxes here.

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune4.jpg]

An above view of the rabbit box tops.

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune6.jpg]

Here, you can see this "middle beam" I got goin' through the center of the whole apparatus.  On the diagram, it appears red.  It actually is a bunch of smaller beams.  Nonetheless, they will provide good support for this thing.

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune5.jpg]

The next three photos show the wire I added, for the top of the cells.

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune11.jpg]

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune10.jpg]

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune9.jpg]

And finally, I am in the process of adding these additional supports, which on the diagram, appear blue. 

[Image: rabbithutchearlyJune8.jpg]

It all looks like I'm only going through this, little by little.  But this crap takes FOREVER to accomplish.  And having little children makes it difficult to get free time to do this.  Hence, the late nights working on the hobby.  (Also, I find that staying up at night to do this is much more agreeable than working on this in the hot June sun.)
A friend of mine is a chapel in Honolulu to raise meat rabbits. He is an elderly Portuguese, and he has raised since he was a kid in the sugar cane plantations. He lives in the "country" outside of the city of Oahu, and his pencils are quite impressive. He raised rabbits were huge, I think he said it was in some European breeds. We never talked about how to kill the European Championship just as I prefer to cook over Hossenfeffer. I would go to air rifle, I saw some big boys videos rabbit hunting with air rifles online.
I am reminded of Michael Moore's documentary Roger & Me (1989).

Remember if we didn't kill them first, rabbits would kill you and all your loved ones.  Let us never forget the horrible attempt made on the life of President Jimmy Carter by a "killer rabbit."

[Image: killer_rabbit.jpg]

[Image: carter_bunny_1-thumb.jpg]
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