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Full Version: Vienese Cardinal Attacks Sodano: It's ok to be gay sometimes
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Well if this is the case I'll breathe a sigh of relief.  That does sound like the sort of thing the media would do, taking a Bishop or Cardinal's statements completely out of context in order to create controversy.  I regret my hasty words, but I am still wary.  I hope that we receive better news soon.

Dominus tecum
That Fessio article is a whitewash job.  After Schonborn's history, I'm shocked anyone still will believe it, but, it's a tribut to the gullibillity of the American consumer when it comes to religion.

Oh well, as long as people continue to take their religion less seriously than their pecuniary pursuits, guys like Fr Fession and Schonborn are going to keep ripping you off.
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