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Full Version: Wake up! See who is nominated for supreme court-what a joke-danger to morals
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A Jewish lesbian with a 'partner' who is, naturally (but not natural lawly) pro gay 'marriage' and pro- abortion. She has NO experience as a judge whatsover. Her only qualifications are that she fits with the demonic agenda now running rampant.

Lord have mercy!

I sure wish our Savior would chain up satan for a while. We weak humans, so addicted to so many things in this dark world, are no match for the evil one now. So many children are indoctrinated into sinful ways early on; they know not what they do.  And so much silence on the part of those who even begin to know the moral truths.

The Holy Father continues to speak out but he is mostly only ostracized.

I was at the Banned (planned) Parenthood clinic this morning to pray for conversion of hearts. We are yelled at, given the finger, and sometimes pushed around.  A city policeman guards this auschwitz of killing.  With 'judges' like this on the supreme 'court' we can know that whatever justice is left in this country (what a play on words), there will not be much for long.  Get in line or pay the price.
Yes, but I thought this was old news!?!?!?  As long as Obamao is in power then these are the people we are going to get.... And "Obamanation", as most should know, is just another small piece of "Russia spreading it's errors" across the globe... It is common sense!!!!  THE NWO has its perfect man in there now to destroy everything!!  >:( :censored:
To add insult to injury someone with zero qualifications, she is only 50!  Imagine her being on the bench for 35 years! 
There is a man inside of that woman screaming to get out.
I still say she looks like Fred Flintstone in Drag  :P