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Full Version: Cardinal Schonborn
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After the Cardinals latest interview gafes, I have noticed numerous posters on other sites stating that Schonborn may well be the next in line for The Chair of St. Peter. Any thoughts? ??? Also Is there any ties between the current issues within the Church and the Rhine contingent from V-II?
He wishes!!!!!!!!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
If that Cardinal is ever selected as Pope, I'm at SSPX in a heart beat.
I think his latest gaffs and his Medjugoogoo incident will have made many other Bishops wary of him.  I think he realises that he no longer has any chance of becoming Pope and his actions are really akin to a dying fish flip flopping around on the shore.

That being said, if he does somehow get elected, I'll be taking a good hard look at the state of the Church.

He needs to resign
His Eminence was considered a front runner to succeed JP2.  Card. Schonborn contributed heavily to the Catechism and would probably be on most observers "short list".  But his stock has fallen here in the Benedictine era.  He was once considered in the "Conservative" camp (whatever the heck that means anymore, I don't know); but he's had some peculiar Masses with balloons, leavened bread and an ill-advised trip to Medjugorje in the last couple years.

I think His Eminence would be an unfortunate successor to Benedict.
(05-15-2010, 06:25 PM)trident59 Wrote: [ -> ]If that Cardinal is ever selected as Pope, I'm at SSPX in a heart beat.

It's sad that you'd need to see a travesty posing as the Church to see the truth.