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Full Version: Fr. Corapi is right
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Father Corapi said that they have to stop having priests be accountants and tied down to the office all week and let them do the work of the Apostles. He said there is no reason lay people can't do the accounting and run the parish while the priest takes care of the spiritual needs of the flock. He said the Church can either do this by choice or let the Holy Spirit force it upon us.

I have heard priests who want to celebrate the Latin Mass say that the Bishop gives them so much busy work and meetings to go to that they don't have time to celebrate a TLM. Never mind trying to find a priest available to give people the sacrament of Extreme Unction.

The answer to the problem is more priests, not more laymen.
I agree with Fr.Corapi,as I usually always do

i agree we need more priest,but secular stuff should be done by people who didn't take so much spiritual vows
Yes this is where the laypeople belong running the business end of the parish, not being eucharistic ministers and being on liturgical committee's and definitely not bringing Our Lord in Holy Communion to shut-ins.
Bah!  Accounting was invented by a man of the cloth. Luca Pacioli, the father of double-entry accounting, was a Franciscan.
I agree with his stance on most issues as well, it is just a darn shame he doesn't say the TLM publicly... At least I don't think he does.. Confused
For many centuries early on, it was the deacons who managed the temporal aspects of the local Church while the bishop and his priests tended to the spiritual needs of the flock. This is one reason during that same period many Popes were elected from the deaconate because they tended to be the one's who were the most experienced at the administrative aspects of the the Churches (the bishops generally stayed in one See making transfer to another See--even the primatial one--less likelyand the priests had little administrative experience).
Somewhere in my reading over the years, I learned that mundane administration was supposed to be the job of Deacons. It should still be. Instead we have a lot of married guys giving the homily and performing baptisms. They should be the ones walking around with contractors getting estimates on the roof, budgeting, hiring and firing staff, that sort of thing. The pastor should concentrate on the Sacramental life of the parish, tell the deacon what's going to happen, and let the deacon make sure that the facilities are ready, ushers are scheduled, supplies are ordered, etc to make the Sacramental events happen smoothly.     

You know what gets me.  Way back several years ago my mother and another lady ran the religious ed. program. They were perfectly happy to do this on a volunteer basis. Well, the biggest problem is my mom and the other lady were NO Catholics who did skits during Masses with the kids but the priest encouraged and allowed this so I digress. The problems happened when my mother and the other lady enforced the attendance policy and if they didn't make it to the few mandatory practices they wouldn't be in the skit...they would have a lesser roll such as an usher or bringing up the Offertory gifts. Well, a few prominent members of the Church thought they were exempt from the attendance rules and decided that sports practice was more important than religious ed. classes and when my mom and the other lady told the kids they would have to be ushers or bring up the Offertory gifts they complained to their parents who in turn went to the priest who overrode my mom and the other lady and made them have their original part. So, my mom and the other lady quit their positions so they ended up having to have a paid position to run the religious ed. program. All because the priest didn't have the guts to stand up and stress the importance of obedience to the rules.

I just wish I could get people like my mother understand why it's inappropriate to have skits during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

As a couple other posters suggested, deacons are naturally the handlers of mundane parish business. I think the clergy (but not the priesthood) needs a more firm grip on its own affairs, so my ideal would be for all parishes to have a staff of clerks (men in minor orders) managed by a deacon to handle all of the church's worldly concerns. But the last thing we need is more old ladies butting their heads into church business, because if you leave it up to volunteers, that's precisely what's gonna happen. Free labour is nice, but it comes at the expense of truth and good taste.

At my parish, the business manager is a deacon. He's also responsible for religious education among confirmands. All parishes should do this.
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