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Full Version: Christopher Hitchens becomes a Catholic and lays prostrate before Pope.
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OK, it's a provocative subject title, but I've been watching a lot of Hitchens on You Tube recently particularly his debates and looking at the admiring comments of all of his followers.

A few things struck me.

1.  Satan tried to get Jesus to bow down and worship him.

2.  Old testament prophets and new testament Apostles did all sorts of Pepsi challenge type stuff.  Thrown in with the lions, staffs into serpants etc.

3.  Faith is supposed to move mountains and God is supposed to be all powerful.

What would God do, if millions upon millions of Christians prayed for the conversion of Christopher Hitchens and announced it before time?  Heaped coals of fire upon his head so to speak.

It would be a good confirmation of the power of prayer versus the resistance of free-will.  It would also be an enormous BOOST to the faith of Christians around the world if Hitchens were to make a volte-face.

Now some would argue that you should not put the Lord Thy God to the test, but I'd argue that Hitchens, like anyone else can be prayed for.  We are not saying we will all lapse or lose our faith if Hitchens steadfastly remains an atheist.  God does not have to apply graces to evenly.  He could give Hitchens a plague of boils, make him fall off his horse, blind him and do whatever he wants in order to provoke his free will.

In a sense it is more putting ourselves to the test.

What would be really cool about it as as the movement grew, Hitchens would mock it as would his followers.  "Go ahead Piper, do you're worst, blow your pipe until ye burst".

In the end it would be a matter between God's wish to answer our prayers and Christopher Hitches free will.  I reckon God would win.

Plus while we cannot agree on much, most Christians can agree that praying to God for something good is a worthwhile activity.  Does the idea have merit?
Father Rutler is ahead of you. He once flew into him when he was drunk and on one of his rants, Father Rutler took him apart, and told him either you will die a Catholic or your alcoholism will kill you.He's sem-sober now. hmm ?
Why do I have a hunch that Christopher Hitchens is a controlled asset of the criminal shadow government.

I say that because he did a very good expose of Henry Kissenger in his film "The Crimes fo Henry Kissenger"
Although the film was good it focused singularly on Kissenger and failed to connect any of the dots between Kissenger and the Rockefellars or the military industrial complex.
However it managed to give Hitchens some credibility as a an anti-war journalist. Then he shows up on BBC in 2002/03 with his own show where does nothing but push for war with Iraq. Now he shows up magically again promoting atheism and seems to have no shortage of press coverage.

What do you suppose would happen if he did have a conversion and he held a press conference claiming that he has been wrong. Do you think some dirty secret would come out in the press shortly after?

He just seems to show up on cue pushing whatever the establishment agenda is at the time, and he doesn't look completely convinced of the things that he says. From what I know of high powered politics people often don't get anywhere unless they are very extortion friendly.

And now that you got me thinking, a similar pattern can be observed with Bill Maher. Remember all the fuss when he got kicked off the air for saying the 911 (supposed) highjackers weren't cowards. This made him a hero in anti-war circles, and he shows up with a movie "religioulous" just at the same time Hitchens comes out with his book "God is not Great." Me thinks these guys are getting their marching orders from somewhere.
...and my wild blind guess is George Soros is the paymaster for these operatives.
(05-18-2010, 10:05 AM)timoose Wrote: [ -> ]...and my wild blind guess is George Soros is the paymaster for these operatives.

now, tim, you know that's not really a wild blind guess, is it?  LOL

suppose that certain well-known atheists are not only paid by political operatives but have actually sold their souls to the devil?

if you sell your soul to the devil, can you ever get it back?  anybody know?  maybe fr. amorth discusses this in his books but i have not read them.