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Full Version: TLM in Paris?
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I may be in Paris for a bit.  What churches in Paris offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?  Do any offer it daily?  Thank you.
Nothing extraordinary about it for us "SSPXers," but Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet has several daily masses and six on Sundays

St. Nicholas du Chardonnet is a must.
I was fortunate enough to attend Mass there last week on the Ascension (I'm on vacation with my family in Europe). It's close to Notre Dame by the way.
Sunday Schedule - St. Nicolas-du-Chardonnet

8:00 am - Low Mass
9:00 am - Sung Mass
10:30 am - High Mass
12:15 pm - Low Mass with organ
5:00 pm - Vespers
6:30 pm - Low Mass with organ