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Full Version: Yoga, Mandalas, Reiki and Catholicism
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My girlfriend was discussing her high school years at an all girls Catholic high school last night.  As she continued I came to realize that she has no idea what this school was actually having them do.  Be it yoga and guided spirit journeys in gym, reiki healing on career day, constructing yearly mandalas, and just absolutely blasphemous religion classes, I can't believe that she's even Catholic anymore.. these infiltrations presents occult practices as just another facet of Catholicism or even, God forbid, an attractive (equal) alternative. ah!

Is this generally the case with Catholic schools these days?  Despite this school's motto being 'Empowering Young Women', I can honestly say that this institution pretty much did no such thing for real life applications.  It's cranking out naive, relativistic, secularized, touchy-feely excuses for young Catholic women.  What ever happened to Mary being presented as a model for young girls?

I've known Jersey is this bad.. though I've never had it in my face.  Is elsewhere this bad?

(I'm taking her to her first TLM this weekend ;D)

I assume it's not the norm, but I'm certain it's not too uncommon. We're in dark days.
I am not surprised.

My wife's cousin and I were having a beer last summer. We got to talking about Faith and Religion. He asked me why I am so "religous". I asked him what he meant. He began to explain why he believed all religions.are equal, etc etc. Needless to say, he wasn't a practicing Catholic anymore.

In Highschool, he was taught more about other religions like Hinduism and Islam, than Catholicism. The thing to note about my cousin in-law is that he was born Catholic, went to Catholic schools his whole life and went to Cardinal Gibbons High school.  They taught him all about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc but taught him very little about Catholicism!!!

Something else I found interesting. His wife is slowly bringing him back. She is a devout Catholic. She, like me and my wife, went to public schools her whole life and yet she has retained her Faith.
As did I.. something about having to fight my own battles at public school and work at my own Catholic education without worrying about grades.  My parents, grandparents, friends and all that went to Catholic school their entire life are just like you said AxxeArp.
My children, now young adults are still Catholic and I credit this actually to a bad situation when my son, in the second grade, had an abusive teacher in the Catholic school and I ended up putting them in public school, and then homeschooling for a while. I prepared them for confirmation which was done in another diocese. I do not know of any of the young people that they started Catholic school with who still have the faith.  That social justice, new age, relativism jsut does not cut it somehow.

My youngest brother and sister, coming of age in the late 80s lost their faith as teens.  The Catholic faith was not taught but rather that all faiths are equal but they rather just stopped having any faith at all. My sister is slowing coming round and my brother finally let his child be baptised but decades of garbage taught--often by religious sisters, sad to say--had taken many souls from the faith.
I was in a 10th grade pre-confirmation class at my old Novus Ordo parish and did not learn a single thing related to the Catholic Faith. Around that time I discovered the existence of the SSPX and TLM, and never came back after finishing that class. I got confirmed by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais a few years later.
"I tell my relatives and best friends, ‘If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school. If you want them to lose their faith, send them to Catholic school.’" Attributed to Archbishop Sheen.