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Full Version: Supporting our French Catholic Brothers
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I'm of a mind to turn up to the next one of these protests in France.  I'm still (just about) young enough and fit enough to risk getting whacked by a French copper and be able to laugh about it afterwards over a pint.  Plus I run my own business so getting arrested isn't going to matter because my clients (investment bankers) are all criminals anyway.  I think it is an excellent chance to show solidarity with our French Catholic Brothers; that not all Englishmen are vacuous apostate chavy turds.  I'm all for peaceful protest, but if the situation demands it then I am not against sticking the boot in either.  And if God's wills it then I am happy to be arrested and chucked in the cells with some French Trads.

If we are going to have European unity, then let's start having it over something that SHOULD unite us.

Would be another great story to tell the grandchildren - if nothing else - and to be honest I need to hang around people like this to believe my faith is worth fighting for.  (Too many Father "Bob"s and not enough heros to inspire me). I've always found the Chartres crowd pretty inspirational and these are them because I recognise them from the videos.

catholic point of view :
violence of the police against catholics :
official media's point of view (with homo camp) :

Tuesday 18 May : in the town of Lyon (France), homosexuals have tried to create a new "kiss in" (gay kissing in public) in front of the Cathedral of St. John as they tried to do few months ago before Notre Dame de Paris .. against a Catholic resistance which gave them a good lesson.

The Catholics of Lyon (traditionalists, of course) have made the resistance to protect the new Cathedral of desecration ...


Anyone who can make it to London for the next one of these events can get a free lift from me to anywhere in France.  We will stay somewhere cheap (like Formula 1 hotels) and I'll pick up all the travel costs, ferry, petrol, hotels, food and booze.  It's going to be 1 or 2 nights away and we can probably take a few detours and see some French Cathedrals such as Rouen on the way home.  If you can afford it then you can make a contribution towards the costs.  If you can't then just bring yourself, some boffer boots, a Rosary and a change of underwear.  PM me your e-mail address so I can update you.  I have an 8 seater bus so can take 7 volunteers from a Central London pickup and drop-off.

PLUS whether you're able to go or not we will need some French speaking intelligence scounts to inform us when the next one of these homo protests is going to happen.  I speak a bit of French (passable) but I'm no expert, so if any Forum member would volunteer to get in touch with the organisations and ask to be kept informed then that would be a great help.
Good Lord French politics are volatile.

Of course, the leftists only point is to be offensive for the sake of being offensive;  how childish.
I'd rather that than lukewarm.
great in singapore and have spent the last two semesters in universities learning French (see, i learn some useful things), but I support you! We need Catholics to display some solidarity and acts of resistance
You are lucky coming to France by these times since the Euro is weak against the dollar like it never was since 4 years.
Hotels Formule 1 are the cheapest hotels I know in Europe. They are clean and very quiet during the night since often they are placed in industrial estates. To have a good sleep is the more important. The sight is very secondary, isn't it?
I was aware of the gay manifestation in front of Notre Dame, but not of that of St John's Cathedral in Lyon. Anyway, you can see that the French catholics know how to deal with this kind of crap that doesn't make the big titles of page nr 1 in the newspapers.
I you need any help, pls let me know in the case you come in the south: I am living near Marseille.
I discussed these type of issues with my friend last night, who is wanting to move to France very badly. He cited the burqa band as a good thing about French society. I retorted back that it was a slippery slope and what was to stop the secular government from banning other public religious items, like crucifixes. He scoffed at the notion that they would every do that and that they would always protect the "French Identity" that includes their Catholic roots. I just don't think that people like my friend get it, at what a long term secular government does to people's faith and that the secular governments will only support public religious output up to a point. Secular governments require religion to be nice and neatly kept in the private corner. 
What I need most Maso is a tip-off as to when the next one of these protests is going down.

I'll be there.
How about contacting the dude that posted it?  jihem over at AQ seems pretty plugged in.

he posted this link, though I don't read french:
Thanks PoG and James will follow those leads.  Saturday is probably a little early to get a trip together since nobody has volunteered to come along from the UK yet.
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