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Full Version: Octave of Pentecost
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Where have I been?  It seemed to me that something was missing  liturgically speaking... Christmas and Easter have Octaves, should not Pentecost as well?

It does!  I did not know this until I was driving home from Mass this morning and heard it on Catholic radio. Then I read about it on Fr. Z's site:

Fr. Z retells the story of how one Whit Monday, the Holy Father was preparing for Mass with his red vestments for the Octave of Pentecost and was informed that they should be green vestments now because the Octave was no more. He asked who had done this and was informed that he had!

This Octave is missing, of course, from the Bugnini Liturgy of the Hours. When, oh when, will it be updated?

Veni Creator Spiritus: