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Full Version: Doco on Vatican II
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From an Australian perspective.
I find Card. Pell's comments towards the end very edifying.
"We 'cut our own throat', if you will."
just watched the first minute of the video, and one person said "at Vatican II we got permission to be human..."
Give me a freakin break! I certainly hope it gets better than this....
I should've mentioned that it will potentially give your the s?#ts
I watched the first twenty-three minutes of it yesterday night and was in unimpressed. I hadn't yet seen the comment by Cardinal Pell; however upon my attempt to access the video this morning, my access was denied as the video was now declared accessible to Australia and Australian viewers.
I refuse to watch that video. No more Spirit of Vatican II nonsense. Tell me, however, what was Cardinal Pell's take? I ask someone to be kind and tell me this because I know that if I click that link and hear the whole "Vatican II gave us permission to be human" nonsense that someone just quoted I may very well put myself into sin and vice (anger). I have little patience for that sort of the thing now adays.