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Full Version: NO nuns turn convent into massage parlor...LOL
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Yeah that's right...

Well a spa really...but still...

Quote:The nuns turned to massage after their chicken breeding business fell flat.


[Image: ran32s6o_tiny.jpg]
[Image: oq53ba7n_tiny.jpg]
[Image: zd2bepw0_tiny.jpg]

Here's the link to the spa...

Nice teeth...check out the offerings PDF.
Let's hope this story does not have a happy ending.
TIA is doing some advertising for them...LOL
I can't help myself...I'm sitting here laughing...the NO is such a delightful source of entertainment.  What a circus.
(05-25-2010, 03:35 AM)Scipio_a Wrote: [ -> ]I can't help myself...I'm sitting here laughing...the NO is such a delightful source of entertainment.  What a circus.

Those Tradition in Action people must be wondering what is next.

Can you imagine suggesting in the 1950s that one day Catholic nuns would be massaging naked men and hosing them down like prisoners?

I wonder how many prelates back in the 1960s would have supported the changes at V2 if they could have looked forward 50 years and seen this mess?

One part of me would like to say not many.  But at the same time it seems pretty clear that the Third Secret is an explicit warning not to mess around and John XXIII still went ahead anyway, so another part of me thinks that a significant number of prelates are not merely stupid or misguided but are right baduns.

In disobedience from this Circus?  In "Schism"? Excommunicated from this mess?

Yeah, right, whatever.
I notice they do colonic irrigation too.

Colon-Hydro-Therapie (45 Min.)  85 Euros
Wohltuende, intensive Darmreinigung
bei Reizdarm, Verstopfung, Blähungen,
Nahrungsallergie und Übergewicht

If someone had made this up as an April fool I'd have trouble believing it. :laughing:

(05-25-2010, 03:43 AM)Chris87 Wrote: [ -> ]:(

I've found after 30+ years in Tradition that it pays to have a sense of humor about this.

The truth is only a few Google searches away if they want to discover it.  There are no excuses for people in Austria or any country with internet connections.  The entire history of the Church is documented.  Read it and make your mind up.  Prayer and sacrifice or massaging krinkly krauts for loot.  It is really that simple.

If these apostate, new age hippies want to hijack the brand name and abuse it and if the man at the top of the Church does sod all about it, then the best thing to do is have a giggle at how FUBAR it all is and say your Rosary and wait for the Chastisement.  That's all you can do.  I don't wish damnation on anyone, but if I see them going hell for leather to get damned then I ain't going to shed any tears either.  I feel more sorry for the North Koreans who've never had a chance to get hold of the Gospel.

It's pointless being sad about this, because it is not like yesterday they were traditional (read real) Catholic nuns and then they suddenly apostasized and became massaging new age hippies.  The time to be sad was 30-40 years ago when they were losing their faith.  Between now and then they've just been dressing up as nuns and living on someone else's dime.  Newchurch is an utter fiasco.

God puts up with a lot of shit.  It makes me wonder what was going on in the Old Testament to get Him mad enough to destroy cities, nations and even flood the world?
Similar to the scandal when a highly religious Jewish man let a prostitute to wash his feet and dry it with her hair.
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