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Full Version: American Brother Forming a Traditional Franciscan Monastery in Sicily
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If any laymen, religious or clergy who is trained in Scholastic theology or philosophy , Gregorian CXhant, Greek, Patristics etc etc would be interested in volunteering to come and teach at the monastery for a semester or for a year, they would be glad to host you. free room &board in a house formation program free from the taints of modernism.

Contact:  Brother Alexis Bugnolo
                  S. Maria Del Paradiso
                  C.da.S Maria Della Scala
                    96017  Noto (SR)  Sicily
interesting. is that all the info u have?
Yes, Write him
You might still also be able to reach him at

BUT I have a question:  Is Br. Alexis under a bishop?  Is he in union with The Holy Father?  Or is he an independent striking out on his own?
If he is independent then there is no canonical process being utilized for establishing a Franciscan monestary.  However if he has the blessings of the local ordinary, then it would be an especially welcome endeavor.  St. Francis was totally obedient to the Holy Father.  As was St. Pio and all true Franciscans.
Quote:For years I have searched for a place to build a monastery, with permission of the local Roman Catholic Bishop.

To this end, inspired in prayer to go to Sicily, by God’s Providence I have recently arrived at the vacant Monastery of S. Maria Scala del Paradiso, outside Noto, in the Province of Siracusa, Italia.
He was just given a place to start his monastery by one of the Bishops of Sicily, i think the diocese is Noto.
Wonderful then.  Cannot have enough faithful Franciscans, willing to pray and do penance for the sake of souls. Always it has been the mandate from St. Francis on to 'rebuild the church'.