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Full Version: Holy Communion at NO
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Ever since I've been receiving Holy Communion the traditional way at my NO parish, people have either been doing that way or at least receiving it on their tongue.

Since I'm usually in charge of the Altarboys I've taught them always to receive communion with the utmost reverence and always on the knees, always to genuflect when passing the tabernacle, and to remain silent in the church.

the parishioners have taken notice and are being reverent too.

I'm leaving this up here becasue I want to show what example can do and also becasue we're always hearing bad news about what goes on at mass so here's some good news (:
Indeed, good things do happen.  Things are going well in that regard in our local NO parish as well.  I'm in Vermont, a state with only one weekly TLM, and it's not within reasonable driving distance (although, hopefully some more will pop up soon... +Matano offers the TLM several times per year, and I hope others follow his lead).  At any rate, given that situation, I feel like the best thing I can do is actively help move our parish toward more traditional practices in my role as music director.  Fortunately, we have a fantastic priest who is very pious and orthodox, and is unafraid to speak the truth with conviction.  On Corpus Christi, he started "officially" offering the option of receiving kneeling by putting a kneeler in his communion line.  I qualified with the quoted "official," because while it has obviously always been an option, most people don't realize/understand that, so he preached at length about the importance of approaching the Blessed Sacrament with great reverence, and charged that if you can kneel to receive, why wouldn't you?  Most did, and continue to.  The altar servers are also excellent examples in our parish.

I know most strongly traditional minded Catholics here like to toss the idea of assisting at an NO completely out the window (and I agree that the TLM is an objectively superior rite, and the NO is greatly lacking), but some things are moving in the right direction, and the Church needs good people to help her move further in the right direction.  Remember, the timeline of the Church is quite long, and things often happen over what we perceive to be a long time.  But in relation to church history, it's not that long at all.  We must persevere, with the virtue of patience, in helping to correct the innumerable problems that have proceeded from the council.  Sure, you could say we should just immediately return 100% to the immemorial rite, but perhaps the more prudent approach is to ensure the growth of additional TLM offerings (so that those who do understand its objective superiority can assist and encourage others to do so), while helping to gently move the more progressive-minded, or legitimately ignorant Catholics toward the truth and beauty of Tradition and true piety.  Any other approach would likely send a big portion of Catholics running in the wrong direction.  Of course, I understand completely that even if but a remnant remain faithful, there lies the Church.  But if there is a way to correct this situation while retaining the most faithful as possible, then we ought to do so. Best to be patient but persistent, proactive, but not obnoxious.

My .02 for today.  I know many may disagree, and I respect your position completely, and admire your conviction.  But after much consideration, contemplation, prayer, and counsel, the above is my feeling on the matter.

To the OP... keep training altar boys to be pious.  Many in NO parishes receives little if any training, and the training is usually lacking in many ways.
Quote:I know most strongly traditional minded Catholics here like to toss the idea of assisting at an NO completely out the window (and I agree that the TLM is an objectively superior rite, and the NO is greatly lacking)

Don't you feel that such a bold statement would require some details, e.g.

- the New Mass is mostly in vernacular, people understand what the priest says, this lacks this and this superior value

- in the New Mass people particita to the level, that the priest shall not repeat what is their prayer and this lacks this and this superior value

and so on?
If you want to fix the NO, take it to Catholic Answers or EWTN.  Thanks!