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Full Version: Chaplain of the French Foreign Legion Jumps from Planes: Hard Core!
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Thanks for posting that was fun.
Awesome. Miles Jesu, indeed.
I thought the motto was "March or Die?" 

2 Para?  They speak French again?

He's got pretty good control.  I guess the cassock helps.
Maybe they got tired of Russian. At least they're still playing in the sand, although there's no beach for miles around.
He reminds me of Fr. Philippe Pazat SSPX.  The only French, paratrooper priest that I have ever met in my life.  Rock on  Padre, Rock on! Up the irons!
He's been training with them for 10 years and I can't imagine it.  It's a tough life and I'm sure he must share in the rigours of it with the men. 
I'm sure that he does, especially if he's in the 'Stan.