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Full Version: Visiting San Francisco and LA
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Hello all,

  I was just wondering if anyone on here has recommendations on sites(leaning toward the religous side, but secular ones are welcome) when visiting San Francisco/in between/and LA.  I know there are tons to list.  I have been there years ago and done some of the popular things(Alcatraz, etc).  I do plan on going to the TLM in Martinez and maybe visit some of the other sites as well.  In the city itself, what churches would be interesting to see.  While I am at it, any restaurant recommendations, there or LA?  Interesting used bookstores?  Whatever one cares to add will be appreciated.  Short notice, since I will be leaving today, but I will have access to look things over. 


p.s.  If one doesn't care to post it here, just PM or email me.  Thanks. 
I was in the bay area visiting relatives three weeks ago, and for the first time actually could spend some time exploring the city a bit (including Alcatraz), as mother and I rented a car (in previous trips, for a visit or while in CA for work, I’d be picked up at SF airport, or the Amtrak station in San Jose, and as the relations all live “around the city, but not in it”, I never really got to see the sights.

I’d recommend St. Ignatius Church, adjacent to the campus of the University of San Francisco, which I happened across while lost on my way trying to find a used book store in the northwest corner of the city (I don’t know what the bookstore is like, as I never made it there).  City Lights Bookstore;_ylt=AjzWwhgtU.ha8C1_4iF9EemHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=San+Francisco%2C+CA was another recommended by the local relations, but I never made it there either.

I don’t know what liturgical life at St. Ignatius may be like (perhaps not good, from the Fisheater’s perspective  ;D), but the building and shrines are absolutely stunning, it’s adaptation for the 1969 Mass is respectful, the communion rail is still in place.  Just across the side street (south) is a small cloister (Carmelite perhaps?) whose chapel is open during the day, and is of old mission style design.

Have a great trip!
There's a trid Mass in Oakland.

Went to the Church down town and it was pretty gay. Some dude tried to shake my hand and when I wouldn't, he had a hissy fit, and flailed his arms angrily as he walked up to communion occasionally staring at me as he went up.  It was difficult to ignore.

I think it was St. Francis....
You could check out the old Spanish missions.  See:

Not all of them are equally well maintained (or even still around in any real way), but if you do decide to visit San Juan Bautista, attend Mass around noon then eat at La Casa Rosa.  They have 3 things on the menu: an Old California Casserole, a New California Casserole and a Chicken Souffle.
If you take the 5 down, Harris Ranch has great steaks.  A little pricey, but sooooo good.  There are two resturants in the main building.  The Jockey Club is the more expensive one...the other is more of a family place.  Food is good at both.

For LA, Hollywood is classic.  The Chinese theater with all the hand and foot prints of the stars is fun, and they still have the old ones (Marx Bros, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, John Wayne, etc) and then some new ones, too.  The Egyptian theater is owned by a non-profit now, and they show old films there for a reasonable (by LA standards) admission.

SF has a great Japantown if you like Japanese food and stuff like that.  It is right across from the cathedral, which is so ugly that it rivals LA's.  North Beach (the Italian area) is fun too, and Saints Peter and Paul Church is beautiful.  Chinatown is also famous, but not as much fun as it used to be.  Still fun, though.  If it's been a while since you have been to Alcatraz, they have totally redone the tour to be patterned after the route a prisoner would take.
If you are going to Mass at Blessed Sacrament in Martinez, it will be at 8:30 am (July-August summer schedule).

There are many gorgeous churches in SF. I like St. Patrick's and Ss. Peter and Paul. There is also Mission Dolores, but I haven't been there in a long time (great ice cream nearby at Bi-Rite Creamery). Can't go wrong eating in North Beach; family favorites include North Beach Restaurant and Fior d'Italia.

Tolls went up July 1. $4 off-peak weekday, $6 during rush hour, and $5 weekends.