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Full Version: New Fatima Basilica
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A short two-minute video that takes a look at the design of the new Fatima Basilica. The new Basilica is brought to you by the spirit of Vatican II and Modernism. Modernism, destroying minds for over a century! ;D

I couldnt get the video to load (Damn you dial up) but I have seen pics the new one is ugly as sin.
a 50 million dollar eye sore indeed!
"Banjo shrine" ha that gave me a little chuckle. 
Please tell me this is a joke...

Unlike some of the mess you see out there, this doesn't even upset me at all.  This just leaves me incredulous - I can't believe it.  Man...
Unfortunately is true, there is some more examples of crap architecture, for example the new Church that houses the remains of Padre Pio, Wow how disgusting.

Oh and there has been a model of a proposed Church to be built in Italy that looks like an actual "pupa" stage of a larva.
The next generation of church architects (who have not supplanted the last generation, sadly), are deeply embarrassed by their predecessors and would love to correct the mistakes.

I have no idea why someone would pay $50million for that. Even if I were building a prison I wouldn't pay for that.
I'm pissed that lay Catholics will actually fund this stuff. If my bishop was planning on building such a monstrosity, I'd campaign for all Catholics in the area to redirect their alms elsewhere until the project's canceled.
Same thing with the new basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
This monstrosity was purposely constructed ugly to discourage pious devotion.

Quote:The work is also intended to smarten up the sanctuary's image and eliminate what its rector, Luciano Guerra, calls "exaggerations in the devotion to Fatima". Pilgrims from the poor north of Portugal often make the stony final approach crawling on hands and knees, with cloths to bind their bleeding wounds. Such extremes of zeal lend the sanctuary an atmosphere of medieval fanaticism that church authorities seek to discourage.
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