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Full Version: The Catalyst to what I believe will be the beggining of the end of NO...
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... As we know it, and its eventual suppression not by pronouncement but by use.

If you can read between the lines this is an obvious set up. We have here what is the formula or road map to the end of the heretical practices that has brought so much pain the Church.

In short the Council will simply be interpreted in light of Tradition supporting within its ambiguous language only that which the Church has in past council maintained to be revealed truth while at the same time rejecting that which it believes to be modernistic innovations. So in other words use that which the liberals in the Church have been using to hammer Traditionalists with will now be used to destroy their position.

Its really a brilliant move its suppressing the council by re-affirming it.  ;D
The Council must be understood in the light of TRADITION and the parts that state things contrary to that which has already been defined (Dogmatic Definitions trump Pastoral Directives) must be disregarded. The Pope knows this and sees where this is going hes just not ready for the modernist backlash when those documents are looked at in the light of TRADITION.
That is the whole point of what I see as this movement. I believe that soon the Pope will simply tighten the language on each of the Vatican II document to where they may have been the "spirit of Vatican II" and simply exorcise it.
Will he have the documents themselves revised and expunged of ambiguity, vagary, and Neo-Modernist heresy?
This may just my over active mind but this appears to be exactly what he is doing right now. The SSPX are in conference with Cardinal Levada about this subject. The Cardinal's role has been diminished and Il Papa has his hand in there right now. I'd bet a tortoni and cafe corretto that it is not about who or what is wrong but more a collaboration to see if the documents can be hammered back into shape.

Father Z's assessment of one brick at a time is right on the money. Il Papa has a plan but it is on a need to know basis only, yet I watch closely anticipating the return of Tradition full force. Viva Il Papa Benedetto
The biggest issue here is the authority of the documents themselves.  There needs to first be a clear pronouncement that the documents and the Council are not infallible.  This opens things up and allows many Neo-Catholics to let go of that stumbling block in order to give them sight to see the rupture that the documents have created with Tradition.  When it is made sufficiently clear that this was a council of a pastoral nature only (and one that aimed at Modernism and has thus failed horribly) we can go back to continue forward, so to speak.