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Full Version: Blessing of unborn babies
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I am hoping that someone might be able to answer a question for me...
I have heard that there is a Catholic tradition whereby if a pregnant woman is in the presence of the Pope within six weeks of her baby being born, than that baby is believed to be blessed.
Could anybody let me know if this is true please, and if so is it a widely known custom?
Many thanks for any replies.

welcome to Fisheaters! Hi! how's the weather in your part of the UK today?  more pleasant than here in the southern US, i imagine, though we had a good rain yesterday which made the plants happy and cooled the air for a while.

i have never heard of this 'tradition' but that doesn't mean it's not believed by some people somewhere.  it would be superstitious to think that merely being near the pope would confer a blessing on anyone but rarely are people near the pope without receiving a blessing from the Holy Father.

he blesses the faithful during every Mass and at both the large outdoor general audiences and the smaller indoor ones, and the small and exclusive 'private' ones.  since the Church teaches, and Catholics are expected to believe, that life begins at the very moment of conception, an unborn baby at any stage would be blessed as well as his or her mother, in my opinion.  (this would be the case if the mother was blessed by any priest; the baby would receive the blessing, too.  a papal blessing is just special because he's the one priest who is the Vicar of Christ, head of Christ's Church.)  but i am not a theologian, just think this follows from basic teachings of the Faith.

a papal blessing is special but no guarantee of health, wealth, beauty, etc., for anyone of any age.  the 'last six weeks' part has a hint of superstition about it but in the last six weeks mothers are usually anxious to deliver as they are often feeling quite ungainly, experiencing swollen ankles and feet and other annoying symptoms, and also want very much to see their new little one, know that all is well with the baby and who he or she looks like.  so i can see why women at that stage of pregnancy might seek out a papal blessing if it was convenient to get one.

Thank you very much for the reply, much appreciated.
It is rainy and thundery, so no great weather here either!
Thanks again.