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Full Version: Interesting Fatma news
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I don't think there's a thread about this yet.

I don't believe him.
I couldn't find what you are talking about....little help for the simple guy Embarrassed
Is it Di Carli's death ?  An ave for him, he looked as if he was falling on his sword for Cardinal Bertone.
(07-14-2010, 08:10 PM)RalphKramden Wrote: [ -> ]I couldn't find what you are talking about....little help for the simple guy Embarrassed

Here you go:

Quote:July 13
Death of Vatican Reporter Giuseppe De Carli Today:

Giuseppe de Carli Passes Away in Rome

Vatican journalist Giuseppe de Carli, 58, one of the most respected
Vatican journalists, died today in Rome

By Robert Moynihan

============================== =======

Vatican Reporter Giuseppe de Carli Dies at 58

Worked for Italy's Biggest TV Station

Note: Earlier today, in our letter on the 93rd anniversary of the July 13, 1917 Fatima secret, there was mention of an important interview conducted three years ago, in 2007, by Italian journalist Giuseppe de Carli (photo) with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, on the question of Fatima. Now comes word that earlier today de Carli, a colleague and friend, died today in Rome. Here is the Zenit report on the matter:

ROME, JULY 13, 2010 ( -- Vatican reporter Giuseppe de Carli died today in Rome at age 58. He was undergoing radiation therapy.   

De Carli was the Vatican reporter for RAI, Italy's biggest television company. He had that position since 2003. He was also a long-time religion commentator for the Roman daily Il Tempo.

De Carli (photo left with Pope Benedict) organized the October 2008 initiative “The Bible Day and Night,” a 139-hour marathon Bible reading with 1,452 participants. Benedict XVI started off the marathon and it was closed by his Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, reading the last passages of Revelation.

De Carli brought countless images of Pope John Paul II to Italy and he had also accompanied Benedict XVI on all his trips.

He authored numerous books, including a 2005 interview Fare la Verità nelle Carità: Da Joseph Ratzinger a Benedetto XVI (Living Truth in Charity: From Joseph Ratzinger to Benedict XVI).

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, commented on his death.

"His competence in the issues pertaining to the Vatican was profound and extremely vast," Father Lombardi said in a statement. "We remember him with esteem, sympathy and great affection and we commend him to the Lord with our prayer."

His funeral will be celebrated Thursday by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.


Two months ago

On May 4 at a Rome conference on the Fatima question, De Carli told attendees at the "Fatima Challenge Conference" that fellow Italian  journalist Solideo Paolini had lied when he claimed that Archbishop Loris Capovilla had told him there were two different texts of the 3rd secret of Fatima.

Paolini ignited a firestorm of controversy in 2006 when he reported that Capovilla, private secretary to Pope John XXIII, had confirmed that there were two texts of the Third Secret of Fatima. Paolini recounted that he asked Capovilla, “...there are two texts of the Third Secret?” to which Capovilla replied, “Precisely so!”

In his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, journalist Antonio Socci relied heavily on Capovilla’s testimony in support of his conclusion that there is is a text related to the Third Secret, which the Vatican has not yet released. 

De Carli stated that he had in his possession a letter that Capovilla had sent to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and to the Holy Father denying that he had made the statement claimed by Paolini.

“Either Paolini is a liar, and has profited from it, or Msgr. Capovilla is a liar," de Carli said. "I think Solideo Paolini is a liar."

Asked why Capovilla’s letter had not been released publicly, de Carli said it was “private correspondence."
The link somehow pasted badly.  I'll see if I can fix although luvenalis did indeed post what I was referring to.
(07-14-2010, 11:51 PM)Iuvenalis Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-14-2010, 08:10 PM)RalphKramden Wrote: [ -> ]I couldn't find what you are talking about....little help for the simple guy Embarrassed
Here you go:
Thanks, not sure how I missed that ;D
The coincidence of dates (93rd anniversary of the Fatima apparitions) is odd, since De Carli was the main supporter of the Bertone's "party line" during the Fatima Conferences in Rome in last May.
His death has been devastating.
De Carli claimed that Mgr Capovilla had written a letter to the Secretariat of State that contradicted his declarations to Paolini and Socci. However he couldn't show it because he labelled it "private correspondance".
In my opinion, possibly does this letter contradicts or at least amends the interpretation that Paolini drew from what Mgr Capovilla said but there must be some embarassing details that Bertone doesn't wish to be known.
I wonder if July 13th has any significance as far as any message given on that day in the past. I'd be curious to see how that lines up with De Carli's statements vis a vis everyone else is lying except me and Cardinal Bertone. Huh?
Don't you think Our Lady would have given someone a vision telling them that there is one more secret?