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Full Version: Love-Parade in Duisburg Ends in Tears
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Editor: So far, there hasn't been a lot of coverage of this event in the USA and little mention was made of the explicit and decadent nature of the event, except on some conservative German Catholic news blogs, but there are others who see it correctly, as Kathnet reports:

[] "Welcome to the sexiest party in the world!" wrote "Bild" still on 23 July, the day before the Love-Parade in Duisburg. Instead of sexiness, journalists are coming to describe it in terms of biblical decine after the mass panic with 19 dead and hundreds of injured. "Hell at the Love-Parade", wrote the Wochenzeitung Die Zeit.

And Evan Herman, christian publicist and television moderator, felt herself reminded of "Sodom and Gomorrha." The Old Testament history (Genisis 19:28) went that God destroyed both cities because of the sinful deeds of their inhabitants; only Lot and his daughter were saved in the minute.