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Full Version: Are Catholic blogs beginning to have an effect?
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Are Catholic blogs beginning to have an effect?
July 30, 2010
Posted by tantamergo
ABlog for Dallas Area Catholics

"On Wednesday this week, the USCCB hosted a webinar entitled “Faitful Catholic Media: Continuing the Conversation.”  In this conversation, a Bishop of Zavala, auxiliary of Los Angeles, had some rather negative words to say for Catholic blogs:

“As I talked with brother bishops in preparation for this presentation, there was consistent agreement that one aspect that is most alarming to us about media is when it becomes un-Christian and hurtful to individuals,” he said. “We are particularly concerned about blogs that engage in attacks and hurtful judgmental language. We are very troubled by blogs and other elements of media that assume the role of magisterium and judge others in the church.”

Zavala stated instead, that Catholic media, like National Catholic Distorter and Commonweal, are “civil and respectful.”  That’s lovely.  Even though Commonweal and National Catholic Distorter frequently cross the line into dissent and well over it into heresy (especially the latter), they are “civl and respectful,” and thus, beyond reproach.  Of course, the fact that a certain percentage of our Episcopate, carrying on the tradition of Bernadin, Weakland, and Gumbleton, and others, supports the “vision” of the Church espoused in the Distorter probably plays a part in it.  It seems that little the dissent and heresy crowd does seems to much bother the USCCB, while those who call for greater orthodoxy and adherence to the great Tradition of the Church are some of the least popular people among the national conference.  I should note, as well, that when Bishop Zavala refers to ”Catholic media,” he is also not including EWTN, the most successful Catholic media operation EVER in the United States.  Recall what the ever so gracious Cardinal Mahoney said to Mother Angelica, as reported in her book: “One day, you’ll be gone, and then we’ll get your network.”  Mother Angelica shortly thereafter turned EWTN into a lay-run network, beyond the reach of the USCCB forever.

But, there is some good news.  It seems all is not well in Catholic media land.  In fact, most diocesan newspapers bleed red ink, and the major national Catholic periodicals are in dire financial straits, as well, to the effect that they have requested USCCB provide economic assistance (rather consistent with the handout the MSM has been looking for).  The USCCB is apparently unable to comply with that request at this time.  I’ll make you a prediction – most Catholic newspapers and magazines will be gone within 10 years, 15 on the outside.  The same changing market forces that are dooming secular periodicals are going to doom their Catholic counterparts, unless the bureaucrats at the USCCB manage to convince the USCCB to put NCR and others on life support.

So, a bit of advice for the USCCB.  You might want to stop attacking blogs, and start listening to them.  You might want to even start befriending quite a few of them, because in a couple of decades, you will need favorable coverage from blogs read by tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands daily.  And the Catholic blogosphere is overwhelmingly orthodox.  It would probably behoove the USCCB to perhaps re-evaluate its media relationships going forward, the environment the bishops became accustomed to after Vatican II is near death, if not dead already."
Yes its all very hurtful... whatever.

What do you want most of your liturgies suck, that hurts even more.