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Full Version: I'm getting too fat... :( Help?
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Hey all,
So, I realized significantly this past week how much I've grown.  In weight :(  Noooo.  (My sport coat doesn't fit properly :(  ).

Anyways, currently, I'm a 22 year old guy living in his own apartment for the rest of the summer.  I plan on walking/jogging in the evening (I'm taking a play from Credo's book, and walk-rosarying), and probably try some situps and pushups to do some physical exercise. 

That's about half the battle.  The other half is where I need the awesome folks of FE to step in, and either point me in the right direction of tasty, healthy food (that is halfway easy to cook), or recipes themselves. 

I'll def. be praying for you in return on my walking-rosarying.  :)
Not always feasible but sometimes it helps to only buy enough food for what you're going to eat that day.
One of the things to watch is portions.  Try halving your food intake, though eat the same things.  You may discover you're still satisfied afterwards.  Our eyes are bigger than our stomaches.  Not physically - our stomaches are in fact larger than our eyes - but metaphorically, in that we take more than we need.
Going with what Louis_Martin said, get smaller plates.  Use a salad plate, instead of a regular dinner plate.

and ramp up the exercise.  Instead of a few situps and pushups, try this:
Don't eat if you're not hungry.

It sounds silly, but three kinds of triggers cause people to eat when they're not hungry.
Walty subsists on popsicles and gummy bears, so be careful what kind of advice you take from him :o
(08-09-2010, 12:08 AM)cgraye Wrote: [ -> ]Walty subsists on popsicles and gummy bears, so be careful what kind of advice you take from him :o

good point.
Quinoa--You can purchase it at Trader Joe's and natural food stores. You cook it like you cook rice, and it's about a trillion times better for you. Believe it or not, it's super tasty, too. And you can probably eat it as part of your dinner every night of the week and still not finish the box (since you're only cooking for one). Cook it in chicken broth instead of in water. Don't be put off by quinoa's appearance. It looks kind of strange, but it's yummy.

Sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes and are possibly one of my most favorite foods. Mmm.

Chard is one of the most delicious foods I've ever eaten. You can use it as a substitute for cooked spinach, add it to pasta sauce, etc. Don't make a salad with it though--uncooked, it tastes really salty. Use baby spinach instead. Chard is kind of expensive in the grocery stores, but you can grow it in the early and late summer, and one package of seeds will grow more than enough for one person. Even if you're in an apartment and don't have a yard, you could probably grow it in an outdoor garden box like this:
[Image: 3630035548_2a4792dc67.jpg]

So yeah. Quinoa, sweet potatoes, and chard. Good for you, very tasty, and pretty easy to cook. What do you think?
What kinds of stuff do you eat? Do you cook for yourself?

FYI the best way to lose weight in college is to study ancient Greek.
There's a really simple diet plan that's always helped me to lose weight... It's called "put down the fork!"

;D  All joking aside, eating lower-carb helps to curb cravings, but don't ever sub artificial sweeteners, they cause food-cravings and they are likely a bit toxic.  Eat healthy eggs and some veggies for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner.  Snack (but don't get carried away!) on almonds and cheese.  If you eat a little fruit, add it to breakfast or lunch, nothing starchy or sweet after noon.  Works wonders.
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