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Full Version: TLM in the Uniformed Services?
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I dont know if this is the correct forum for this topic, but it seemed most appropriate.

I was wondering if anybody on this forum was in the US military, in particular the Navy.

The reason I ask is because I am enlisting (I am just waiting for a suitable contract to be offered), and was curious as to the status of TLM offerings in the military... From what I've gathered, it appears as though it's non-existent (which is what i'm dealing with in my parish...) or if it is it is very much a "hit-or-miss" deal with individual chaplains.  The reason for this, from what I've read, is that the military Archdiocese has made no attempt to implement the Pope's Summorum Pontificum on the basis that the military does not constitute a "stable community" of believers.

I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed any light on the issue.


I'm ex-Navy and from my limited experience, you'll find that your Latin Mass opportunities are severely lacking.  You might be able to find one that says the TLM on occasion in private, but I wouldn't count on it.  That said, I thought I remembered seeing a picture of a Low Mass on a ship recently. 

My advice...take a rosary and your missal and sit in the back during the Novus Ordo offered when aboard ship.  Pray you are sent to a shore command with a Latin Mass nearby.
Hi Christopher,

My husband is active duty Naval Aviator.  In his/our experience we have seen 0 TLMs on base/ships.  When on the ship, the Navy must adhere to your religion, but Catholic is Catholic so you would only be assured a Catholic Priest - not necessarily one who is knowledgeable in the TLM.  As for on base, we have yet to meet any Priests who perform the TLM.  However, some of the navy bases are very close to wonderful TLM communities that are very refreshing.  At our last location, we were only minutes from a great FSSP chapel and an SSPX chapel.  Do be aware that some navy bases do not even have Catholic Priests - such as our current one.  But thankfully, there are many options nearby.  Sorry I can't be of any more help, but that is at least our experience.

Many blessings and prayers for your new career!
I have been in the Air Force for 14 years, and have never heard of a TLM chaplain.  It is rare enough to find a chaplain who does a good orthodox NO Mass.  Unless I am deployed, or if a Sailor is at sea, I really recommend fining a good community in the local area off post.
My son is a U.S. Marine Warrant Officer with the 1st Mar. Div. I have visited him on Base anf there is no TLM. Just the standard fare NO.
We are military and have always had options through Divine Providence. At one base the chaplain was an older Polish priest who couldn't wait for the Motu Proprio "allowing" him to say the TLM. We were so blessed to be able to point him in the right direction to learn it. I believe he was an exception though. We have never met any other military clergy with interest in saying the TLM. Of course he was moved soon afterward and we never got to enjoy the fruits, but we did have 2 other options in the area. An independent priest (R.I.P. Pray) who was older and little eccentric but very good to us who said the TLM.  We also had a traditionally-minded Eastern rite available. I don't know how the Navy is but we make sure to keep the availability of TLM in mind when we express bases of preference. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but we always make sure to do our best and God hasn't failed to provide the rest.   
If you are stationed in Norfolk let me know. There is an awesome FSSP chapel in the area and they are building a large church right next to it.

If you are on a smaller ship (destroyer, cruiser) you probably won't have a Priest onboard. For deployments they will probably bring on a protestant 'chaplain'. They may fly a Priest onboard but it is rare on a deployment. Good luck with the Latin Mass, maybe in 15 years you'll have it if things keep slowly getting better  Smile But anyways, I'm sure you'll be able to find one around whatever base you're at so that's the good news.

Thank you all for all the replies... I have been looking at the areas of some of the bases I might be stationed, and there seems to be some TLMs close by to most of them... I'm volunteering for Sub duty (so I don't anticipate much of a chance of having Mass on one of them, probably) and at the sub bases, there's always a TLM nearby it seems, which is uplifting...

Thank you for all the replies, I'm new to the FE community, but you guys are great!

(08-09-2010, 11:17 AM)amasimp Wrote: [ -> ]... That said, I thought I remembered seeing a picture of a Low Mass on a ship recently. 

My advice...take a rosary and your missal and sit in the back during the Novus Ordo offered when aboard ship.  Pray you are sent to a shore command with a Latin Mass nearby.

You know, I think I may have seen that photo, too...
And should I end up on a submarine, I anticipate many rosaries and missal readings ;-)

(08-09-2010, 12:59 PM)chiella Wrote: [ -> ]Many blessings and prayers for your new career!

Thank you for your prayers, Chiella very much appreciated. (One can never have too many prayers sent there way...)


Army, and anywhere I was stationed (CONUS) it was generic NO, some particularly cheesy, some less the time I didn't really know or care, though.

You might see if the Archdiocese of the Military Services has any info, but frankly, just hope that you get stationed somewhere where you can attend a decent off-base Mass.