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Full Version: France: Only the Catholic Monasteries are Growing
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The old liberals command the Church is increasingly without reservation. But the boring mush they produce doesn't attract anyone any more.

[] "The Cloister, which young people today are drawn to, is something which the most traditional societies offer."

Trappist, Father Guillaume Jedrzejczak explained on July 2nd, to the article appearing in the Catholic daily 'La Croix'.

Father Jedrzejczak is the former Abbot of the French Trappist Abbey Mont-des-Cats.
The Novus Ordo train is losing steam. Novelties all get boring after awhile.
I think this a good sign after all the explosion of knowledge in western Europe was born in the Monasteries all birth of renewal and growth always start with the Monasteries, I think we are starting to see the dawn here people. .
Here is a quite realistic article from the Economist about the religion in Europe

In France the brightest flickers are on the fringes: individuals like Abbé Pierre, founder of the Emmaus movement for the homeless; “charismatics” whose style draws on Pentecostalism, and traditionalists who love Latin rites and processions. Meanwhile, the church’s relatively liberal mainstream is almost in free fall.
Amen. On the fringes is where the horizon lays, and where the dawn first breaks.
How anybody can give up his/her life for a vocation to a church that doesnt believe in the true teachings is beyond reason. The next trick is to put liberal/modernist husband/wife teams in charge of priestless parishes. Its better to close a parish rather than allow this to happen.