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Full Version: Escaping e-slavery
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how to get rid of your blackberry...if you choose to...
What's wrong with u poeple?
Blackberrys are gay, anyhow.
Sure does.  It makes good Catholics look like drunks and jerks.  Take DK for example.  ;D
im on an iphone now
sip sip
i dunno i guess some r slaves to blackberries. it takes a larger heavier chain to enslave me though
Chains made of scotch, I'm guessing ;D
scotch has set me free lad
marriage was the chain of which i speak
sip sip
Hah! ;D
the singular reason that a cell phone exists in their lives is to give them a crutch to prevent them from being alone with themselves, their thoughts, and their fellow human beings. 

I find this to be true.  It has seemed to me that some folks are afraid they might actually die of understimulation if they had to go 5 minutes without some kind of electronic or video.

Interestingly, when the telephone first started to spread, it was resisted by some on the grounds that it was gauche to respond to a ringing device, a la Pavlov's dogs to the bell.

Look at it like're at home after a hard day, feet up, finishing the paper, dinner's almost ready, and you're pretty much winding down in your inner sanctum of the den....all of a sudden, I appear in the doorway and say, "hey, get the hell up, I wanna talk to you!".  What do you do?  More than likely, you get up and punch me in the nose for being an ass.

But...picture the same moment, and instead of me appearing in the doorway, the phone rings.  You may be an exception, but as like as not, you are going to jump for the phone.

What's the difference?  There isn't one.  Why go scrambling across the living room like a trained poodle because a plastic box with $9 of wires in it makes a little noise?

For years, I have ignored the phone (and the doorbell) when inconvenient.  And life goes on.

I also find that at work, checking voice-mail and e-mail every two hours, rather than leaping on every message the millisecond it arrives, increases my productivity IMMENSELY during the day.

Rule your communications, don't let them rule you.

(Of course, when it comes to limiting electronic communications, I'm a bit of a hypocrite in the case of FE:  Total time logged in: 8 days, 17 hours and 45 minutes.  :-[  )
That says 
More about u hen me

if u find it a plm don't get one or keep it off unilateral u need it
really it's an easy plm to handle
u less your a week wee pathetic thing
note I'm using pathetic in a psotice here as in your pathetic but with the reAL meaning as in pathos
or pass the sop
sop sip

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