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Full Version: Bishop Williamson on the SSPX talks
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While the Rome-Society of St Pius X discussions are, by accounts from both sides, running into a doctrinal brick wall, reports from France and Germany together with a rumour from Rome spell danger for Catholics. That danger is a political deal which would simply go round the side of the doctrinal blockage. Politics threaten to circumvent doctrine.

From France and Germany, I was told me a few weeks ago that a large proportion of Catholics attending SSPX Mass centres are only hoping and waiting for some agreement to come out of the discussions. If - repeat, if -- this is true, it is very serious. Such Catholics may get full marks for wishing not to be cut off from what appears to be Rome, but they get low marks for not grasping that as long as the discussions remain doctrinal, there is no way in which the neo-modernist teaching of Vatican II can be reconciled with the Catholic doctrine of the true Church. Such Catholics may venerate and love Archbishop Lefebvre as they see him, but they have not understood what he was all about. They had best wake up if they are not in one way or another to fall into the arms of the neo-modernist Romans.

Agreement in front of doctrine means politics before religion, unity before truth, man before God. God before man means truth before unity, religion before politics and doctrine being more important than any non-doctrinal agreement. Only dreamers could not foresee the Rome-SSPX discussions running into a doctrinal brick wall. Only politicians can wish for any non-doctrinal agreement to come out of them.
Alas, to all appearances Benedict XVI sincerely believes in the Newchurch of Vatican II which is to unite in its bosom all men absolutely, regardless of whether they believe or not in the one true doctrine of the Faith. Therefore he sincerely wishes to gather in the SSPX as well - and he does not normally have too much longer to live !  So the blockage of doctrinal discussions should not unduly worry him. He must be looking to cut a political deal with the SSPX, in order to unite it with the rest of the Newchurch. It follows that he must ask of the SSPX neither too much, or it would refuse the deal, nor too little, because then the rest of the Newchurch would rise up in protest.

The rumour from Rome is precisely that he is thinking of a "Motu Proprio" which would accept the SSPX "back into the Church" once and for all, yet require from the SSPX no explicit acceptance of Vatican II or the New Mass, but only, for instance, the acceptance of John-Paul II's 1992 "Catechism of the Catholic Church", which is substantially modernist but in a quiet way. Thus the SSPX would not appear to its followers to be accepting the Council or the New Mass, yet it would be softly, softly, beginning to go along with the substance of neo-modernism.
Thus all seekers of unity would be content.  Only not believers in Catholic doctrine.
DANGER !                                                                                                 

Kyrie eleison.
Although he retracted his signature, Archbishop Lefebvre did sign the protocol in May, 1988. He was always a negotiator - it was his nature - it was in  his training. That said, thank God for the good Archbishop Lefebvre did do for the Church.
I see this as hopeful rather than a "danger" to be avoided.  Giving assent to a universal Catechism should not be a problem for the SSPX or any other Catholic.  This move would be good for the Church.  I hope the rumors are true.         
I fear that Bishop Williamson is falling more and more into the error of beign a sede but I hope I am wrong.

There appear to be some quasi-sede comments here, but this statement can't be ignored.

Quote:God before man means truth before unity, religion before politics and doctrine being more important than any non-doctrinal agreement.

I think that Bishop Fellay et al keep this in the forefront of their minds, however.  I can't see them compromising what they have always stood for since the beginning.
So all they have to do is accept the catechism am I reading that right?  Whats wrong with the new one all I have is my Grandpa's Baltimore that he gave me and a Trent that i bought.And we never went over the catechism in rcia.
I read the CCC before I converted and the Baltimore Catechism, also. I don't think they are contradictory but every time I came across a statement in the CCC that made me go  Huh? I'd look in the index and find it came from one of PJPII's encyclicals.
(08-21-2010, 11:58 PM)kimbaichan Wrote: [ -> ]every time I came across a statement in the CCC that made me go  Huh? I'd look in the index and find it came from one of PJPII's encyclicals.

Makes sense most of his encyclicals make me go Huh?
The 1992 catechism, along with being too long-winded and an impractical way to teach the faith, is full of the deviations and ambiguity that came from Vatican II.  It's the perfect JP II catechism:  lots of words, says little of substance, and that which is said, is suspect of heresy. 
No Catholic ever needs to be familiar with or explicitly accept any council. We are to accept Catholic teachings, as expressed in the catechism en vigeur. That would be the CCC. This idea has been around from the start of the discussions, so I think Bishop Williamson is trying to drum up some support to divide the SSPX.  From the very beginning, people were saying that it would patently absurd to try to make the SSPX accept VII. Modernist bishops do not accept VII either, especially Sacrosanctum Concilium. All we can really be asked is to accept the teachings of the Church and the Magisterium of the Church, both of which are at work in the CCC, so that is all that should be required by the Church anyway. Whether or not VII is a blessing or a curse is a matter of opinion and the pope knows this. For me, what will be very interesting to see is if they can come up with a juridical structure that protects the SSPX from their enemies. That is going to be tricky.
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