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Full Version: Saturday Mass of the BVM
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Could someone please explain the rubrics of the Saturday Mass of the BVM in the 1962 Rite as well as the 1955 Rite (if they differ).  I would also appreciate the texts in English/Latin.  Thank you.
A priest I know, who's my spiritual advisor, says the Mass of the BVM(Salve Sancte Parens, I believe) on every ferial, with few exceptions(requiem masses, sometimes preceding Sundays.) this has been his custom ever since he was ordained.

The 'Rubricartum Instructum' is Latin only, the rest English. has it in Latin

The rule is that in every Saturday, which is not 3rd class or higher the Office and Mass for BMV is to be said (this rule goes back to Tridentine time, probably earlier, the only change that the office has no Vespers: 1st vespers deleted as generic rule, 2nd vespers is for Sunday).  As for Mass there are 5 versions

- Advent
- Christmas to Purification
- From Purufucation to Eastre
- Eastertide
- Per annum