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Full Version: Materialism
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So recently I got a big, decent sum of money. 2/3 of it is sitting right now in the back. The other third is almost done but I had to do a lot(pay several bills, get a computer) and also some money spent on getting some nice clothes, treating others, eating out, etc. So today I went to Wal Mart and they had a 32" flatscreen TV for basically $400. Now we got our first flat screen, a little tiny 19,"'for my mom. Would I be greed, attachment to material things/materialism to get this TV for myself? This may sound silly, but that $400 can go to a lot of things, not just having a nice big tv to play ps3 on. Considering that I decided not to go pretty far for college and instead going to the local uni since I have the grades and govt help, I may, once I feel ready and decide to enter seminary.
I don't think it would be bad, but then I'm looking at my 57"er from costco at the moment.
How about a lap top and a subscription to real catholic A wealth of of Catholic truth at your fingertips.
The electricity bill for a 32" is bearable. The same for a 57" can make you to the slave of your equipment. If this slavery drives you out from watching TV, then it is good, it not then it is bad.

For every purchase you have to calculate the up-keeping cost before you buy it.
A $400, 32" flatscreen television sounds like a really good deal to me. I don't think it would be a greedy purchase. Greedy would be spending $3,000 or more on the latest and greatest (and largest) set, especially if you couldn't really afford it.
Considering you are going to enter the seminary and considering you are asking the question of us, then my response would be to give it up as a sacrifice.  Our Lady of Fatima asked us to make sacrifices and this appears to be one you could make.  It's literally in your lap and since you asked my response would be take the opportunity to make the sacrifice and ask that your reward be applied to your vocation.

You have a new computer, with a screen, which can be used for entertainment purposes watching steaming TV and you have a 19 inch TV.  Compared to most of the world you are already materially rich.  Only about 10% of the planet if that have a larger TV screen than you.

I have a 40 inch TV but it was left here in the house by the last owners.  I just use it for watching DVDs and playing Wii with my kids.  Broadcast TV is a huge waste of time and I refuse anything broadcast at me now prefering to select everything I watch.  That way I am more in control and I can FF stop, pause, rewind or just skip.
I'd agree with ggreg - if it's a question for you, then give it up.
Ditto Ggreg and 3 Sanctus, but Ggreg can you get the BBC to make some more Rumpole of the Old Bailey or To The Manor Born, please ?