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Full Version: We Want to be Reminded That Sometimes Sacrifice is Necessary
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The Bishops Ackermann and Genn have unveiled a memorial plaque for two Martyr Priest of the Nazi times -- they refused to give Hermann Goering the Hitler salute.

Nickenich/Wassenach ( of Trier) For two priests, who were brought to the concentration camp Dachau -- Johannes Schulz and Joseph Zilliken -- the Trier Bishop Stephan Ackerman and the Bishop of Muenster, Felix Genn, unveiled the commemorative plaque on Saturday.

The Nickenicher Priest Schulz and his colleague who was active in Wassenach had refused to give Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering the Hitler salute. They were imprisoned for this reason. Both died in 1942 in the concentration camp Dachau. The priests had already been under surveillance since the mid-thirties. The commemorative plaque is located at the Hotel Waldfrieden between Maria Laach and Wassenach.
These men refused to perform a simple salute.  It would be interesting to see more men apply this kind of courage today; for the Faith.
It would be helpful to know the date, when they were arrested. Many priests were sent to Lagers for reading the Mit Brenneder Sorge (March 14 1937) , the first serious document against the Third Reich. I doubt that the main reason for arrest was simply the refusal of the salutation. (I was child under the Third Reich, but lived the as adult under the Communism)
They were arrested in 1940 in April, it's in the article.
In any event, two Bishops just commemorated a memorial for them indicating that that was indeed the reason they were arrested.

The had been under surveillance since the mid-thirties, however.