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Full Version: Bringing friends to the Faith/how to convert
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One of my good friends, who wants to join the Army in a couple of months, is pretty morally conservative, and is usually repelled by the laxity of modern society, seems ripe and a good candidate for conversion to the Church, especially Tradition. He hates pre marital sex, abortion, divorce, sees a civil "marriage" as just a piece of paper teens getting drunk, doing drugs. However, he does approve contraception within marriage, and seems to think that homosexuals do not really have a choice with regards to their temptations/sins. I try to gently, subtly try to convert him to the Faith, as coming out with guns blazing can deter prospects. He knows that I'm trying to get him to convert. The crazy thing, he was not really exposed to traditional or even conservative Catholicism. He used to serve Mass and go to Mass, but ever since his brother died of cancer very young, when he was very young, he is one of those he "feels you don't need to go to Church to worship God." I try to point ou things, such as his moral beliefs, slightly tell him Church teaching. Considerig that he, like he majority of my peers age 13-25, have had few exposure to hat tue Churh really teaches, what should I suggest to him, besides praying for his conversion? He went to a typical Catholic school, typical morally conservative lukewarm Catholic family. What got him feeling more religious was a Dante's Inferno video game. Would great Catholic literature and a study of Church history be good? I was thinking of Catholic Answers and conservative Catholicism. He lives in Arizona, Tucson, so what would be a good Church/priest to tell him to visit? If there is anyone here who was a conservative, though not practicing Catholic, what were some of the things that brought you to the Faith?