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Full Version: Historical-Critical Method: The Traditionalist View
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Hi, what's the traditionalist view of the historical-critical method? If you know of any good articles on this, please point me to them. Thanks.
The best articles that I've been able to find are here:

See specifically Nos. 45-50, Nos. 75-78, and  Nos. 137-139.
(08-27-2010, 06:46 PM)SouthpawLink Wrote: [ -> ]The best articles that I've been able to find are here:

See specifically Nos. 45-50, Nos. 75-78, and   Nos. 137-139.

Many thanks. I'll have a look.
I would recommend "The New Biblical Theorists" by Msgr. George A. Kelly. His primary focus is Raymond Brown. Out of print now but some used copies still out there a places like Amazon and Alibris.

Historical Criticism by Robert Sungenis:
Its a modern heresy that is plagueing the church and taken her by storm. Its been taught in the seminaries and at my college. I sent Archbishop Timothy Dolan a letter because he is one of the 9 apostolic visitors coming to my country about what was going on in my college. He replied that although his visitiation is that to the seminaries in rome and Ireland only it nonetheless gave him great insight as to what is going on in the seminaries.

Its a popular Heresy of its time, much like Jansenism of the 17th century which was a popular heresy of its time also. give a good write up on what Higher Criticism is.


whoops I've re-read your topic and your asking about one of the five critiques given by vatican II these critiques though are being used in a very ''higher critical'' manner and if we are to carry out the historical critical method as given b y mother church then we must ( according to dei verbum ) interpret scripture in light of how the church understands it. Recently Pope Benedict said that there is an interpretation of scripture out there thats claiming to ride on the spirit of Vatican II and that interpretation is the heresy known as higher criticism.