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Full Version: Exorcism and the Holy Virgin
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I have heard since I was a small boy whenever Exorcism was mentioned that the Devil and demons are bound or rather prohibited by God to say anything foul about the Virgin Mary.

I have heard many stories in fact that when a person who is possessed at the very utterance of her name that demon is in pain not of torture as he is normally but of something that may resemble grief at the fact that "he has no Mary" not only that but can not say or utter blasphemies against her unlike what the demon does while Priest prays over the possessed the demon would often insult God, insult Jesus and the Saints he would do the same saying all kinds of blasphemies but of the Virgin he could only speak the truth of her most Immaculate Heart and purity.

For those that are familiar with Exorcism, has this been your experience or rather have you read of similar things happening?
I'm not that familiar with exorcism.. but I was always taught that the devil had a special fear (respect?) of the Blessed Mother and St. Michael. For Scripture has it that the woman crushed the head of the serpent with her heel.. and St. Michael cast him out of heaven.
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I don't know of any specific consensus on this, but I do remember from reading "Hostage to the Devil" that one of the Demons was very upset at the possessee whenever he would make an aspiration to Jesus and Mary.